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Cole Sprouse Has Apologized For Makeup Shaming Comments He Made As A Kid

Former Disney Channel star Cole Sprouse has a lot on his plate these days. Between starring in and promoting his hit new show, Riverdale, doing photo shoots, and trying his hand at photography, he also takes trips down memory lane. During one of those trips, Cole Sprouse came across a quote about makeup he gave to a magazine when he was just a bright-eyed Disney Channel star, according to MTV UK.

“I like a girl who is down-to-earth and doesn’t get worked up over anything — not the kind of girl who is so worried about how she looks that he was to put on pounds of makeup,” he told the publication.

It’s not exactly a controversial comment and might actually be seen as tame compared to things other stars have said, but it would definitely rub some people the wrong way. First things first, it’s impossible for a girl to wear pounds of makeup. Also, who’s to say you can’t wear makeup and be down to earth?

Cole Sprouse has seen the error of his ways, and now he wants to make amends. In a hilarious tweet posted to his official Twitter account, Cole Sprouse has finally addressed and apologized for the makeup shaming comments.

The tweet has been liked and retweeted over 100,000 times since it was posted and has prompted a hilarious exchange between Cole and his fans. Many of his fans replied with photos and GIFS of Cole wearing makeup as the character Tyeesha, from his days on Disney Channel.

Jokes aside, some people have commended the fact that Cole Sprouse would bring attention to the possibly offensive comments, especially considering literally no one asked or mentioned it. Not a single person.

Riverdale premiers tomorrow night (26th) at 9. So glad I could channel my pseudo sad boy aesthetic into an outlet other than an introductory lighting student’s tumblr blog. Catch these eye bags~

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But considering the fact that Cole made the comments nearly a decade ago, it seems he was just having a little fun with his 3.2 million Twitter followers. It’s not likely that anyone would actually try to hold Cole accountable for comments he made as a young teen, but you never know. This could be his way of humorously bringing attention to this before social justice warriors dug it up for themselves and decided to use it against him.

Either way, now that Cole Sprouse has brought his old comment to the surface, it’s very likely that he’ll refrain from making similar comments in the future. Cole Sprouse currently plays the role of Jughead Jones, on the popular The CW show, Riverdale–currently in the middle of its first season. As the show grows in popularity, and as Cole’s star power continues to rise, everything that he says will be put underneath a microscope. It’s likely that Cole Sprouse will be more careful when it comes to sharing his opinions, especially when it comes to stuff that doesn’t concern him.

As Cole Sprouse just proved, once you put something out into the world, it’s there forever. You can either pretend that it doesn’t exist or confront it in your own way. Cole chose the latter, and it seems like it’s paid off.

What did you think of Cole Sprouse’s makeup shaming comments? Did you think his apology was sincere? Did the comments warrant an apology at all? You can join in on the discussion in the comment section below.

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