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Demi Moore Divorce Insiders Speak Up, Again Say Actress Is Mad About Mila

demi moore divorce delayed

Demi Moore’s divorce from Ashton Kutcher was first announced a year ago, but as of now, the pair are still legally wed.

Demi Moore’s divorce proceedings are still underway, and if you’ve ever been divorced (God bless you), you know that the massive amount of paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo to wade through is legion. Now multiply that by two successful Hollywood careers and an effload of assets, and we can surmise this isn’t some quicky number you can do over the internet. Poor Demi.

But as Demi Moore’s divorce case hits the one-year mark, a media narrative is emerging that we can’t help but speculate is based on yucky stereotypes about the end of a marriage being solely the tragedy of the abandoned wife. Moore, herself successful, gorgeous and legend in Hollywood, has no need of Ashton Kutcher to support her financially or keep her company.

And yet we still cling to the idea that — instead of Moore’s joint entanglements with the Punk’d star are more entangled than those of us who just have a Wii and $5 of loose change to fight over — the star is being intransigent to somehow lure her husband back from Mila Kunis.

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Pack On PDA During Trip To Rome

Demi Moore divorce insiders have been popping up all over, as we reported earlier, alleging the actress is so bitter over her lost love she is delaying proceedings — but we don’t believe it. RealityTV reports that each time the case moves forward, Moore “throws up another objection or demand.” Could it be, perhaps, that she’s amassed more wealth, capital and possessions through the course of her 30 year career and marriage prior to Bruce Willis?

Nah, she’s mad her boytoy moved on, the source says:

“ … Demi sees things differently and she can not forgive Ashton for moving on so quickly to Mila and flaunting their relationship publicly. It’s a classic case of a woman scorned.”

While the Demi Moore divorce speculation is that she’s totes jelly of Kunis, we’d like to posit that she’s really just protecting her assets from Mr. Really Just On That 70s Show.

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62 Responses to “Demi Moore Divorce Insiders Speak Up, Again Say Actress Is Mad About Mila”

  1. Anonymous

    time to move forward Demi. Did you ACTUALLY think he was going stay with her 4ever. The age difference is the "elephant in the room" when it comes to wanting to have a family and your wife is old enough to be his mother. I knew this marriage was a short-timer from the get-go.

    Now SHE knows what it's like to be the one left behind — just like she did to Bruce.

  2. Karin Browne

    Demi, the cougar lost it's cub – get over it already. Whatever sympathy you had as the cheated-on wife is rapidly disappearing. He's not coming back, as a matter of fact he seems to be quite a bit happier now than when he was in your shadow.

  3. Kristy Ann

    Get over it, did you really think it was going to last with that age gap you had? You have no kids together, and you both have money………..He's not coming back!

  4. John Jensen

    Divorce is as easy of hard as you want to make it My divorce cost $1,200.00 and that was with children, joint assets, property between the two of us.

  5. Anonymous

    Who gives a rat's ass about either one of these pathetic fruit cakes? Both are useless pieces of shit. Kuntster couldn't act his way out of a paper bag, his a legend in his own mind. Moore is a fake tittied has been and heading over the hill. Now don't you dumb sons of bitches feel good about putting money in the pockets of these useless American slags?

  6. Anonymous

    LOTS of jealousy posted on here. It must be very hard for some people to not be a rich beautiful famous star.

  7. Denise Kaczmarek Riley

    I thought Bruce cheated on Demi all the time. He was quoted in an article years ago and said "all men want to do is procreate'.

  8. Debra Terry-Varese

    With all the new attitudes about standing on our own, these high fluenting rich celeberties, think they are so much differnent that us normal women…who don't look to a man or a boy toy to make us feel better, stronger, or secure….stay single Demi and get to know YOU and what is realistic and real and not fake or for the paparizzi or commentaries…get a real life.

  9. Alicia Shelton

    my boyfriend and I are 20 years apart and have been together for 5 years. Its not age all the time…..

  10. Aixa Cruz

    Demi you stilllookgood, moveon, youhave allthemoneyintheworldtobehappy, andfindanotherguy! thereisalotoffishinthesee

  11. Norma Glas

    Alicia Shelton – Depends who is the elder in the relationship? If it's him….you're good, if you're the elder, I 'd be very careful. Guys don't want to be with women who are old enough to be their mothers'. That's just the way it is.

  12. Norma Glas

    $1200.00 that's it?? that was just the tip of the iceberg in mine, unfortantely. Tons of money and even more heartache for everyone involved. I don't wish that on anyone.

  13. Norma Glas

    Exactly! Especially in Hollywood…so many temptations, so many women throwing themselves at this guy (Not that I condone that type of behavior when one is married) she really must be naive to actually believe she could hold on to him. Pathetic.

  14. John Smith

    You are old and washed up and are getting wrinkled. You aren't pretty anymore. I'm not even going to bring up the parts that are now loose , dry and/or sagging. Why would he want you when he can get Mila Kunis?

  15. Anonymous

    Demi….you do what you have to do. I believe Ashton was cheating on you and paid that girl to say she slept with him when all the while he has been seeing Mila. Remember the picture at the awards show. They looked very comfortable together even then. You are still the most beautiful star to me. You don't look your age and you are so sweet. I know things will work out if you just wait on the Lord. I read these other comments and they are wrong to say karma bit you, etc. You had every reason to divorce Bruce, so therefore there is no hex or whatever. Remember to be strong and to wake up each day and say, "Today I don't have to worry about anything. God is taking care of everything for me. Love you Demi.

  16. Anonymous

    why are you attacking demi? Jealous that she's goergeous at her age and can still attrack men of any age?

  17. Cynthia Saunders

    @Norma Glas….women dont want to be with someone who looks like thier grandfather either….so it could go both ways. I personally know a couple who have been married for over 20 years…she is 16 years older than he and I dont see an end in sight for them.

  18. Anonymous

    Though it must be painful to have parted company, it was, inevitable in the eyes of 99.9% of the general public. He's moved on, he's a young man with charm (no acting ability per se) with friends in "the business" like Mila whose probably remained a friend throughout due to their long term working relationship. Demi Moore needs to garner a tad bit more class, self-control, lay off the botox, booze and pills (prescription? Or not…) and just GROW UP into W O M A N H O O D. She hasn't been a cutie pie kid for a looonnnnngggg time, but simply can't face growing old-er. Nothing she can do about it, but it's ugly watching her in such self-denial, anger and shrewish behaviors…It really has diminished her.

  19. Paul Kenck

    Yuck. Demi looks awful now. She has a reputation of doing drugs for years, especially meth. Anybody we know would have dumped that tramp also.

  20. Karin Browne

    Don't think so – they need ratings, not a reason to stop watching …

  21. Sharon Woodall

    he cheated on her. hahahahahahaha. they were both seeing other people, so get on with yall bad selfs. get it over and leave Mila alone. if people only knew. demi you were too old for him to start with and Ashton grow the hell up.

  22. Theresa Green

    Dems girl I am on your side. Betrayal is worst than witchcraft. Ever since I saw you in the movie A Few Good Men I found you to be a beautiful and talented actress. The truth be told, this relationship was doomed from the word go. Partly because of the age difference, and partly because both of you are in that glitzy world where temptation is the order of the day. Maybe if you were able to whisk him away to some place likeTmbuktu or the likes, maybe; just maybe he might have had eyes for you only. Be that as it may, it is over. Pull yourself together, keep your head high and flaunt your beauty. Let him drool in silence. Nevertheless, you must never, ever take him back again. The BOY is a drip.

  23. Donna Angell

    Let him go Demi. Your so beautiful and deserve so much better. Feel empowered by your freedom and the world is at your fingertips. There is someone waiting for you.

  24. Louise Rittmiller

    Mila Kunis is classless for having an in your face relationship with a married man. Ashton Kutchner is the half in two and a half men.

  25. Kristie Dawn

    Poor Demi? Demi is alright. She is the one to gain from getting away from Ashton nasty cheating self. Ashton will never be able to replace Demi. She is one in a billion. He is the one with regrets.

  26. Anonymous

    I remember..she appears to have severe mental problems..remember the deplorable way she treated her mom back in the early 1990's? She probably treats everyone in her life like crap…makes her beauty not so pretty now doesn't it? A retched, mean, negative aura has surrounded her for decades..Just her look on the "Breakfast Club" movie was grim..sad lady….

  27. Donna Lynn Henderson

    Ashton is no catch in my opinion. Neither is Demi. She was back in the day but the trouble is that men her age are gross lol. Wrinkly and gray hair and saggy skin and boring. Maybe she should just chill out for awhile and enjoy spending her money.

  28. Pretty Pramn

    she is old and gross. cougars are so disgusting, she embarasses herself dragging the divorce out. mila is wayyyy better than her old ass. who does whip-its at age 50 something? C'mon Demi, get a clue. Go grab some lunch with Madonna and let her explain how she pays for young boyfriends. ACT YOUR EFFING AGE DEMI! WOMAN-CHILD!

  29. Sindy Finn

    She needs to grow the F up. I hate ex's that cling and hang on humiliating themselves no end.

  30. Jerry O'Brien

    Demi Moore is now a woman scorned. But before that she was and probably still is a royal bitch. I am so.
    surprised it took Kutcher as long as it took to leave. You know she threatened some kind of self destruction.
    if he left. She is a bitch and she is demented. Drama is her talent, has nothing to do with acting. Honest.

  31. Pamela Williams

    i agree, and maybe spend some time with her daughters, the only time it seems they are all together is for a photo opt. leave the men alone and just be you, learn to be happy without a "him" in your life.

  32. Pamela Williams

    i agree, and maybe spend some time with her daughters, the only time it seems they are all together is for a photo opt. leave the men alone and just be you, learn to be happy without a "him" in your life.

  33. Mark Cianfarani

    donna? in case you didn't know this. everyone get's old! if you don't! your dead. fact's of lfe honey. let's see how you look in twenty years????? remember the word karma? i say live! and let live. hard for me to feel sorr. for somene making 800.000 an episode on a televisio show! good looking. traveling the word. he and mila! are in australia as i write this. for tha last three week's not bad ha?? ic to have money. the powrball! is up to 425. milion. maybe ill get a ticket lol never know. god bless everyone . only can play the cards your dealt with n life. some people. are just born under the lucky stars in lie. life just ain't fair.

  34. Sindy Finn

    Well said i literally walked out with nothing and i have a child… I wanted to get as far away from crazy as i could didnt care what it cost just wanted Freedom !!!

  35. Larry Lawson

    We all get old Demi and our looks fade. Yep, speakin from experience. Mila is at her peak. Lord is she ever at her peak. You on the other hand can do everything to stay and appear young but you will lose that fuckin battle. Console yourself that you rid yourself of a douche (kutcher) and move on with your life. You need another person to make you happy you are already fucked.

  36. Dianne Hess

    Not to worry Demi. You will find someone who will love you forever. You need to love yourself first, then have a relationship. I think that your future ex is none to fret over. Always thought you could do better then that piece of trash.

  37. Dianne Hess

    Norma Glas That is not true Norma. I have been with mine for over 12 years. We are 19 years apart. We have discussed the facts about how I will age and the way it will be when I am 70 and he is 51. Does not matter to him, he states he loves me for who I am and not what I look like or what I will look like. The truth of the matter is, is to find someone who loves you for you no matter what age.

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