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Meghan Markle Not Terrified That She’ll End Up Like ‘Lonely’ Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle is not frightened that her relationship with Prince Harry is “destined for misery” and that she might end up just like the allegedly lonely Kate Middleton. According to Gossip Cop, there is no truth to Celeb Dirty Laundrys claims that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having marital woes which make Meghan terrified.

“One only needs to take a glance at Kate Middleton nowadays before realizing that the royal life is not all that it’s made out to be,” read CDL’s story. The site went on to claim that Meghan might not want to commit to her beau after “watching what happened to Kate’s relationship with Will over the years, and watching Kate wither away into being miserable, lonely, and left all alone by her husband.”

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The news debunking site spoke to a royal insider who dismissed the tales. It is reportedly a lie that Meghan thinks Kate and William’s marriage is in trouble.

Is Suits Season 7 Meghan’s Last?

As opposed to the false report, things are getting serious between Meghan and Harry. While the 35-year-old actress just returned to Toronto to prepare for her show’s upcoming season, a source shared to E! News that it could be the last for Meghan because she is “ready to be done with Suits” as well as with “acting in general.”

The source added that Meghan’s decision is not only because of Harry.

“Even before Harry, she was starting to think about transitioning out of acting. She wants to focus on other worldly endeavors she is passionate about, like her philanthropy.”

Earlier this year, Meghan represented World Vision Canada for a humanitarian mission in India. Prior to the trip, she spent eight months researching about the conditions of the women in the country’s impoverished areas. This is because “she didn’t want to be given notes by someone else and just show up.”

Meghan visited several communities and discussed education, hygiene, and economic empowerment to Indian women. That trip wasn’t Meghan’s first overseas philanthropic effort. In March 2016, she similarly went to Rwanda for World Vision’s clean water campaign.

If her yearning to make a difference is the reason why she wants to temporarily take a step back from the limelight, she could even have joint charity efforts with Harry.

Prince Harry charity
Prince Harry meets young people as he visits the Wigan Youth Zone, a purpose-built youth facility that provides a safe and fun environment for 8-19 year-olds or anyone aged up to 25 with a disability to use in their leisure time, on July 5, 2016 in Wigan, England. [Image by Neil Jones – WPA Pool/Getty Images]

When not filming, the actress reportedly prefers a low-key lifestyle. She attends yoga classes and spends time with close friends although she has been attracting the attention of photographers lately. Despite this, she remains kind to the people around her.

“Meghan is the darling of Toronto,” the E! source said. “Locals love her so much and she really engaged herself into the community when she moved here for Suits years ago. The city basically adopted her and she fit right in. She’s just not as accessible now but she’s always been so kind and genuinely so sweet to people around town.”

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The Palace confirmed Harry and Meghan’s relationship in November through an official statement asking the press to be kinder to her. Since then, the two have spent time together in London, Toronto, Norway, and Jamaica where they recently attended the wedding of Harry’s best friend.

Meghan’s co-star and close pal Patrick J. Adams likewise told E! that they are “super excited” for the actress. He described the whole thing as “madness” but for him, “If there’s anyone in the world who is designed to be able to deal with it and deal with it professionally, it’s Meghan Markle.”

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