'The Walking Dead' Star Sonequa Martin-Green Explains Cliffhanger

‘The Walking Dead’ Star Sonequa Martin-Green Explains Cliffhanger

The Walking Dead ended the last episode with Sasha doing something that would likely get her killed. But there seems to be a method behind her madness, as explained by the actress who plays her, Sonequa Martin-Green.

There has been speculation for months now that Sonequa Martin-Green would be killed off on The Walking Dead since she has been cast in a lead role for the next Star Trek series that is about to make its way to network television. Although it is not unheard of for an actor to play a role in two different TV shows at the same time, it is rare.

So fans of The Walking Dead have already prepared themselves for the death of Sasha and the departure of Sonequa Martin-Green from the AMC show. But that does not necessarily mean that Sasha is going to die. There is always the possibility that her fate could be left in question and fans of The Walking Dead could be left in limbo about what happened to her, assuming they are reserving her character in case Star Trek does not make the cut.

Nevertheless, Sonequa Martin-Green has weighed in on what is going through Sasha’s head right now on The Walking Dead and she gave fans a unique outlook on what survival in the post-apocalyptic world really means, as reported by TV Guide.

“As Sasha, I feel like I’ve been enlightened to my true identity. I’ve realized that real strength is not the ability to just survive but the ability to sacrifice in love and for love,” Sonequa Martin-Green said.

“All roads have led me here, and I’ll do anything to right this wrong and build the future we deserve. One not perverted by Negan and what he represents.”

But in terms about Sasha’s fate on The Walking Dead, Sonequa Martin-Green gave yet another cryptic message as to what fans can expect will happen to her sooner than later.

“I feel like our family, and the whole world, needs me to do this,” Sonequa Martin-Green said. “I realize after our reconciliation that there would be no point to her sacrificing as well because she’s needed for so many other reasons. This is my path, not hers, which is what I mean when I say to her at the gate, ‘There’s gotta be a point to it, right?'”

Fans of The Walking Dead also got to see that Sasha has been looking for ways to make amends in some way with Rosita. The two have been at odds with each other ever since Abraham left Rosita and pursued Sasha. It was a bitter kind of rivalry that Sasha did not ask for, but she seemed to get dragged into it against her own will.

But when Sasha last left off with Rosita on The Walking Dead, she had bonded with her by in effect saving her life when she did not allow her inside the Saviors compound.

“I needed to bond with her because our success depends on it. The air has to be clear between us to see what’s ahead of us clearly,” Sonequa Martin-Green said.

“Honestly I think the very fact that we’ve embarked on this mission together speaks volumes of our potential. And more intimately, I’ve been holding onto so much guilt for how she was hurt from mine and Abraham’s relationship. I needed her forgiveness because I don’t want to tolerate those self-condemning thoughts anymore. I’ve been there, done that and grown past it.”

Sonequa Martin-Green also said that she does not think that Eugene has betrayed his people on The Walking Dead. Instead, she describes his character as playing an “angle” as opposed to a traitor.

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