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Luenell Makes ‘History’ With Nude ‘Penthouse’ Shoot: Her Message To The Haters

Luenell Campbell doesn’t care what her haters think. The comedian posed nude for a new photoshoot for Penthouse magazine. She is obviously proud of her curves and wants to share them with the world.

The outlandish comedian is making headlines for her nude photo shoot inside Penthouse’s April, 2017, issue. The 58-year-old stripped down and showed off her curves and tattoos for a glamorous editorial shoot. Luenell wants to prove that both plus-size and women over the age of 50 can be beautiful and sexy.

According to Hollywood Life, one photo shows Luenell wearing nothing but a black sheer nightie that’s exposed on the sides. Only her nipples are visible in the racy negligee. In another photo, Luenell poses naked with her back to the camera. Her name is also airbrushed onto her body in graffiti style. In a third photo, she’s more covered up in a beautiful dress and sandals. But there’s one thing: she’s surrounded by a group of people wearing kinky costumes.

luenell feels fabulous
Luenell feels fabulous in her own skin and wants to share it with the world. [Image by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET]

There are even more racy photos from Luenell’s photo shoot. In the NSFW photos, she’s seen posing nude in a bathtub with just bubbles covering her body. And in another photo, she’s seen rocking a baby blue bustier with a white tier skirt.

In an expose titled “HEY, LUENELL” inside the issue, the actress didn’t leave anything behind. She was willing to talk about body shaming, bullying, and her decision to pose nude.

“It was the opportunity of a lifetime because Penthouse wanted to do much more than just go skin deep,” Luenell said in a statement. “Looking closer at social media, Hollywood stereotypes, body shaming, and the current political landscape, posing for Penthouse empowered me to be real with y’all in a way that was previously unavailable to me. These things affect us all, and this is a more honest look than anything you’ll see in the mainstream. Naked truth can be as sexy as a naked body.”

“I want to make history with this shoot,” Luenell continued. “It’s already made history for me. I had cold feet, but they warmed up very quickly when I walked on set. I just said, ‘Eff it!’ People can go f*** themselves if they feel any type of way about what I’m doing.”

The Penthouse CEO spoke to Eurweb about the decision to feature Luenell in their magazine.

“For the past 52 years, Penthouse magazine has led the conversation about the progression of sex, sexuality, and sex appeal – a conversation that is still woefully unexplored today. We’re huge fans of Luenell – her style, her attitude, her fierce honesty – and her layout reveals everything about who she is, who we are as a brand, and the world we want women to live in today.”

Penthouse were the ones who came up with the concept. They asked Luenell to pose for a special photo series focused on celebrities and public figures. Her nude photo shoot turned out so well the editors wanted her to do a full spread for the magazine. Luenell was totally cool about doing the shoot, although she did have butterflies the day off since she didn’t want to embarrass her family.

Luenell insists there is nothing offensive or raunchy about her nude shoot. She just wanted to show her true self in her natural element. She also made sure that she didn’t flash any of her private parts to the camera. She even shows only a little breast or nipple in the photos. Luenell is proud of the nude photos she shot since anyone can look at them online.

The comedian is known for her raunchy comedy. But she wanted a tasteful photo shoot, and even refused to have the photos retouched. Luenell has already received a positive response to her photos. The new issue of Penthouse hits newsstands on March 21.

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[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for TV One]