‘The Walking Dead’ Star Tom ‘Jesus’ Payne On Gregory’s Fate

‘The Walking Dead’ Star Tom ‘Jesus’ Payne On Gregory’s Fate

The Walking Dead is about to hit critical mass and Gregory is on the horizon of a rude awakening when Jesus and Maggie get wind of his intentions. Suffice it to say that Gregory has made some unwise decisions lately about how he is going to lead the Hilltop and he knows that a coup is inevitable at this point.

One thing that fans of The Walking Dead know for certain right now is that Gregory is poised to take extreme actions against Maggie and Jesus before any real flare-ups happen with the Saviors and All Out War begins.

Tom Payne, the actor who plays Jesus on The Walking Dead, had a few things to say about Gregory and how his leadership is not only threatened, but so is his life, according to TV Line. Of course, Gregory’s life seems to be mostly protected by the Saviors, given how they told him if he had any trouble with his people taking the Hilltop over, he could reach out to them for help.

“They’ve recognized that it’s a bit more dangerous with him (Gregory) now,” Tom Payne told TV Line at the PaleyFest. “I mean, he tried to give up Maggie and Sasha before.”

If there ever was a reason for the survivors at the Hilltop on The Walking Dead to take up arms against Gregory, that should have been the one. When Gregory tried to give up Maggie and Sasha, that should have been enough to push Jesus and his people over the edge and to remove him from his leadership, even if that meant killing him or incarcerating him.

But as fans of The Walking Dead have already seen in the past four episodes, that hasn’t happened yet. Gregory still has his position of leadership intact at the Hilltop and it appears as though he is aligning himself with the best interest of the Saviors on The Walking Dead.

This is the part of the article where we need to warn you that if you have not seen the last few episodes of The Walking Dead, Season 7, there are spoilers that are coming up. If you have not seen those TWD episodes and do not want them spoiled for you, you should only proceed with that caution in mind.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, when the Saviors took Gregory behind the medical center to speak with him alone, Gregory informed him that he is at risk of being ousted by his own people at the Hilltop. They reassured him that they would have his back and it seemed as though Gregory had come to an understanding with him against his own people.

Tom Payne spoke about how the people of the Hilltop on The Walking Dead are starting to see what Gregory really is.

“I think they’ve realized that this is something that’s not going to get better,” Tom Payne said.

“So they are thinking about how they can fix their particular predicament.”

In the trailer for the next episode of The Walking Dead, fans see that Maggie could also be in danger with Gregory sneaking around the corner and possibly viewing her as his only real threat. But it also stands to strengthen the all out war between the Saviors and the three main communities, which are Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom.

“All of the communities are pretty much figuring out how they’re going to attack this problem,” Tom Payne said.

“Everyone has the same problem, and the Hilltop has been dealing with that problem a lot longer than Alexandria or these other communities.”

The Walking Dead airs its penultimate episode for Season 7 on AMC tonight.

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