'Big Little Lies' On HBO Buzz: Songs, Episodes, Season 2 Desires And Spoilers

‘Big Little Lies’ On HBO Buzz: Songs, Episodes, Season 2 Desires And Spoilers

The premiere of HBO’s Big Little Lies has set social media on fire with each Sunday night episode that draws closer to the conclusion of the limited series. Based on the book Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, the HBO series has gained a big following on social media from people who closely follow the happenings of several couples featured prominently in the series. One of the most beloved things about Big Little Lies from fans addicted to the series includes the soundtrack, such as “River” by Leon Bridges.

On Twitter, Big Little Lies is bringing quite a bit of responses to the latest episodes, with spoiler alerts being found therein, in the book and below.

One of the main character’s is Madeline, who prides herself on knowing just about everyone in the small enclave of an affluent town that is Monterey, California. Right off the bat, the first episode of Big Little Lies makes it clear that there has been a death in the town. The death took place at a special elementary school fundraiser, where most of the main characters were dressed as famous folks.

The foreshadowing of death runs all throughout many of the episodes, with Madeline being told, “You’re dead.” Or with scenes of a dead animal. Or folks speaking about how they’d like to kill one another, or in the manner in which Madeline and her boyfriend of sorts escape death from a car accident.

Another character, Jane, takes firing range practice. Madeline and her friend Celeste welcomed Jane as a young single mom who is new in town to their group. Celeste is no stranger to violence, with the former lawyer dealing with an abusive marriage that she’s trying to gain the strength to escape.

With witnesses being interviewed throughout the series, some of them point to the manner in which Celeste changed in the weeks before the murder. Meanwhile, Celeste gets help from a therapist that helps her formulate a plan to know what to do the next time her abusive husband hits her. Described as the type of beautiful woman that would make the world want to stare in the Amazon description of the book, Celeste takes a journey from the put-upon abused mother of twin boys to a woman trying to win her independence.

Big Little Lies is being called brilliant, with a scandalous look at lives and marriages in an affluent town, and the secrets they hide.

According to Romper, Big Little Lies has been such a big hit that fans will most likely want the limited series to evolve into something beyond a limited series with only one season. Although the publication calls the possibility of a second season of Big Little Lies something that probably won’t happen, time will tell if demand brings Big Little Lies back again after episode No. 7 has aired.

Meanwhile, comments like the following are flowing into social media about Big Little Lies.

“Honestly Jane is a better person than me because I don’t think I could’ve lasted a day without punching Renata.

“Has Jane met Perry yet?

“Does he know she’s going to therapy by herself? God, when he finds out…

“This therapist has the most concerned face…

“This intro is so spooky and perfect

“Very convenient that a certain character has to skip the opening on Big Little Lies…”


“Celeste will confide in Jane not Madeline I think .”

“LAURA DERN IN AN EYE PATCH. This is the peak of peak TV people .”

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