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Michelle Williams And Busy Philipps: BFFs Who Work Out Together

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps are friends who work together, and work out together. Both of the actresses stay in tip-top shape thanks to their personal trainer and dance teacher, Lauren Kleban. The BFFs have been sweating together at a dance cardio class in Los Angeles, reports the Daily Mail.

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps have been best friends since their Dawson’s Creek days. Since then, they attend award shows arm-in-arm and even work out together. And their trainer, Lauren Kleban, says that dance-inspired interval training is the best way to work up a sweat, especially if you get bored with regular strength training.

2001/2016 I love that we almost always stand on the same side of each other. Also, can I just say-we aren't at a costume party in 2001. That's legit how we were dressed for a regular night out. I guess I really was my character from Cougartown? And thank God my eyebrows grew back.

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Her LEKit method classes have mini trampolines where her celebrity clients perform low-impact ballet and yoga-inspired moves. It also includes sculpting and high-intensity workouts to burn fat as the music blasts. Busy Phillips credits the workout for getting her into the best shape of her life. It’s also changed her lifestyle and eating habits.

“I still SoulCycle and occasionally use a trainer, but for me there’s something really fun and special about jumping and dancing around for an hour with a bunch of women. We’ve all gotten to know each other and it really feels like a little tribe of dancing ladies who are there to support and have fun and get healthy together.”

Lauren Kleban’s popular classes have spawned a subscription service. Lauren gets rave reviews for not promoting dangerous dieting and working out. She believes in rest days, cheat days, and lots of dancing. Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams aren’t her only celebrity clients.

“I am currently training Busy Philipps, Michelle Williams when she is in LA, Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy), Judy Greer (Jurassic Park) and others. In the past I have trained Robin Tunney (The Mentalist), America Ferrara (Ugly Betty star), Sara Foster (90210) and her sister Erin Foster and many more!

“Almost all of my celebrity clients join my open classes or schedule a workout with their girlfriends. My workouts typically last about 50 minutes. Some of my celebrity clients see me almost daily and others will stream my LEKfit workouts when they are away on set. I am a big believer in listening to your body so some days we go super hard and other days we are more gentle.”

She offered her favorite tip that she gives to all of her celebrity clients. It’s actually simple to do: just eat healthily and in moderation.

“There are no quick fixes, no shortcuts, and cleanses or juice fasts are a waste of time and often do more harm than good,” Kleban said. “Eating healthy needs to be something you can do while still enjoying your life. Anything is fine in moderation.”

She also has Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps do a 30-minute workout four to five times per week. She has them do cardio and sculpting classes with one day of sculpting, and a day of either complete rest or active rest, which includes walking or performing restorative yoga. Busy mostly works out with Lauren, at least five to six times per week.

Look who showed up to jump it out with me @lekfit this am! @elsamariecollins and @americaferrera!!!!! (Thanks to Elsa for the pic with the pretty filter on!)

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“Busy works out with me almost daily, and she has seen her body lean out and tone up since going full out with me. She is stronger, has more energy and she literally glows,” Kleban added.

Lauren and Busy often do intervals of hardcore cardio and muscle sculpting, according to People. Busy has noticed that her body will continue to burn calories well after her workout is over.

Kleban insists that her clients keep coming back to take the 50-to-60-minute classes because of the serious toning they get. Her classes also have a sense of community, which is why Michelle and Busy are such big fans. Though it feels like a community of friends, it has an intimate feel to it. You don’t feel like you’re alone or you’re just a number in her classes.

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