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Trey Songz On Nicki Minaj’s ‘ShETHER’ Twitter Diss: She Wasn’t ‘S**t’ Before Him

A defiant Trey Songz took to the airwaves on Friday to remind Nicki Minaj just who she needed to be upset with when it came to the lyrical assault that was Remy Ma’s “ShETHER.”

As the Inquisitr reported in mid-February, the “Right Through Me” starlet questionably chose to go after the R&B performer immediately following the release of the aural instigator after he openly inquired Remy’s choice to name drop him in the song.

“Even when you stay out of the way,” Trey stated on Twitter about the line, “they will have ya name all in some sh**.”

The “ShETHER” lyric in question alluded to the idea that Songz and Minaj hooked up at some point in the past.

“Mentioning guns, Pussy Galore [and] James Bond,” the Terror Squad queen spouted, “[but the] only time you touch a trigga (Songz’ fan-created nickname) is when you f**ked Trey Songz.”

“[What you] should [be] saying is that [the “ShETHER”] line is not true,” Minaj would counter back to Trey as part of a longer Twitter rant, “seeing as it’s not.”

Speaking to The Breakfast Club about the online clash, Trey relayed that despite denouncing Remy’s “ShETHER” claim via Instagram hours before Nicki saw his tweet, he has yet to receive a proper apology from the Queens-born Minaj.

“She hasn’t [apologized],” Songz stated to radio host Charlamagne the God, as The Jasmine Brand notes, “[and] Nicki, I love you, but let’s be real,” he continued.

“Nicki said she gave me six plaques, but Nicki didn’t have s**t before ‘Bottoms Up.'”

Trey’s clap back was seemingly a response to Minaj’s arrogant Twitter claim that she helped him go six-times platinum with the 2010 album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure, which features their first-ever collaborative hit, “Bottoms Up” (the two also worked together on “Touchin, Lovin'” from his 2014 release, Trigga).

According to Trey, however, it was Nicki who received the greatest benefit from the banger, as it finally helped her to solidify a hit after several big misses on the Billboard charts, including her official first solo single, 2010’s “Massive Attack” with music producer Sean Garrett.

trey songz nicki minaj shether
Singer Trey Songz has fired back at Nicki Minaj following a Twitter row involving Remy Ma’s brutal “ShETHER’ diss track. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

“She had [the] single with Sean Garrett,” Trey said of Nicki, “and after that, she had “Monster” [with Kanye West] and then, [her career took off].”

“Before all that, [though]” he continued, “it was all about looks. Now, you hangin’ with [Lil] Wayne. [Where is] the wild girl with the wild hair?”

“I love you, Nicki, but you came at me wrong and disrespected me — but I love you.”

Later during the sit-down, Trey reiterated that Minaj should’ve been more concerned about working on a proper response to “ShETHER” instead of pulling him into her long-standing issues with Remy.

“[She] definitely needed to be mad at Remy,” he concurred.

“It took [her] a week to say something to Remy and she’ll probably be mad about this, too, but I don’t give a f**k.”

Check out a clip of Trey’s “ShETHER”-themed conversation below. Please be advised that the following video contains strong language.

#TreySongz says #NickiMinaj disrespected him: "Nicki didn't have sh*t before "Bottoms Up'". He also adds "It took you a week to say something to #RemyMa."

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In semi-related news, Minaj’s melodic answers to “ShETHER” have all tumbled off the iTunes Top 100 after being released less than two weeks ago.

trey songz nicki minaj shether
Nicki Minaj’s responses to Remy Ma’s “ShETHER” aren’t doing so well on the music charts. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

A post from That Grape Juice explains that the trio of songs, “No Frauds,” “Changed It,” and “Regret In Your Tears,” have all disappeared from the main listing of popular songs from the streaming service, despite the first of the three debuting at No. 1 on the same day it was released.

“After becoming widely available for purchase and stream on March 10,” the publication adds, all three tunes currently sit at No. 14, 71, and 61, respectively, on the Billboard Hot 100, but those positions will surely change come Tuesday when the music publication releases this week’s rankings.

Nicki Minaj has yet to comment on Trey Songz’ latest “ShETHER” grievance.

[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]