Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck want to make marriage work after his rehab stint

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Are ‘Working On Marriage’ Following Rehab Stint?

Is Jennifer Garner ready to piece her marriage to Ben Affleck back together following his rehab stint? It’s looking like that could be a possibility.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner married in 2005 and they share three children together. They announced they were getting a divorce last year after rumors surfaced that Affleck had cheated on her. He spent two weeks in a recovery program for alcoholism and he credited Garner for supporting him.

The duo has stayed close throughout their separation and co-parenting like experts. Ben never actually moved out of the family home, which helped them rebuild trust and co-parent their three children.

So, did they work through any of their issues? Are they any closer to a reconciliation?

According to Bravo, the fact that Ben and Jennifer withdrew divorce papers last week is a good sign that they are reconsidering giving their marriage another chance.

Affleck and Garner’s fans and followers had hoped they would make it work, especially after they shared a kiss in Paris while they were broken up. The kiss gave the fans hope that the marriage was not completely over and if they put the work in therapy, maybe, they could save it.

Ben has his flaws but he and Jennifer were (are) good together. Recently, Affleck has been the perfect family man, spending time with his children and running errands with his wife. The press even got a few pictures this week of him smiling — something he hasn’t done in months.

New York relationship expert Rori Sasson weighed in on the Hollywood couple and gave her honest opinion about whether they can make it work in the long run, Daily Mail reported.

“What I love about them is they really took their time before they filed for divorce. They were built on a friendship. They really did love each other and they are committed to their children,” Sasson said.

Rori explained that when things were bad between them, they focused on their children and their love for them. Eventually, the bitterness between them subsided, and they were more open to embrace forgiveness.

“Jen is amazing. She’s the best mom and the best support system for Ben. She’s very smart the way she handled this whole thing,” Rori stated.

“Listen, he’s always going to be the father, he’s always going to be around. She put the kids first. And Ben, he never badmouthed her, he always spoke highly of her and gave her the respect she deserved, which is always the way to go with children involved.”

Ben and Jennifer have been married for 12 years. The excitement for the relationship takes a new form and you become best friends who may or may not like each other at the moment. In order to fix a strained or fractured marriage, Rori said you need to be committed to the other person and putting in the work to repair it.

“You need to be committed to fixing what was wrong the second time around. Know what the problems are and don’t repeat them,” Sasson explained.

“They need a top therapist in this field and if both of them are not committed, it won’t work.”

Sasson said that oftentimes when someone threatens to file for divorce, it is an ultimatum. They need something from the other person and they hope threatening or filing for divorce will grab their attention.

“Jen obviously has learned to forgive and won’t throw the past in someone’s face, which is key,” Rori stated.

“Ben went through his own thing with rehab. She’s a beautiful woman, she is invested in him. Now he seems to appreciate and not take for granted that she was there the whole time.”

Sasson added that Jennifer Garner could have moved on with her life, but hasn’t yet. It’s been two years since the cheating scandal rocked their marriage, and yet, they are still married and committed to their family.

Do you think Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck will reconcile?

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