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‘The Walking Dead’ Boss Teases Sasha’s Fate, As Daryl Faces Redemption

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for The Walking Dead.

As tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Something They Need,” draws near, Sasha Williams (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) are headed down a dark and deadly road, as each character headed towards an unknown fate. For Sasha, she was last scene making a suicide run at Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) compound, though it may be too soon to count her out of the game. Rosita’s path was less direct and foolhardy than Sasha’s attack, but a mysterious stranger may prove even more deadly in other ways. The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple offers teasers for the fate of each character in anticipation of “Something They Need” and Daryl faces up to his guilt.

The Walking Dead Sends Sasha And Rosita Into The Thick Of Things

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As “Something They Need” premieres tonight, the new episode will see Rick (Andrew Lincoln) leading his people to Oceanside, but, more pressing will be the fates of Sasha and Rosita, as Comicbook reports that each character will follow her own path on The Walking Dead. The series showrunner, Scott Gimple, opened up about the episode, which further develops the characters of Rosita and Sasha in story arcs that were expanded in last week’s episode.

Gimple first speaks about Sasha’s suicide run, which had begun in the last moments of the previous Walking Dead episode. Sasha was seen running into Negan’s sanctuary and blasts of gunfire followed, leading viewers to assume that would be the last time Sasha would be seen. There was also a scream heard amid those sounds of battle, further suggesting that we have seen the last of Martin-Green’s character.

Even so, Gimple offers a small glimmer of hope, as he shares that The Walking Dead can sometimes surprise even its most ardent fans.

“So things either went really well, or they went poorly. Whatever will be known in any direction of these stories, there are only two episodes left,” says The Walking Dead showrunner. “You will find out any questions that you had there will be answered. Actually put a big asterisk next to that, it could say, ‘Some questions may not be answered.'”

Also in recent episodes, Christian Serratos’ Rosita has evolved from a supporting character to a much more prominent figure on The Walking Dead, which is something Mr. Gimple tells Variety will continue to flourish in tonight’s “Something They Need” and beyond. The key to making Rosita a more powerful character, relates Scott, is in Serratos’ ability to portray the character’s immense angry in a believable way and turning her into a formidable warrior.

Scott adds that, as tonight’s The Walking Dead episode progresses, Rosita will have to come to terms with her anger and accept her role in Sasha’s latest actions, because it was her decision to let Sasha make that suicide run alone. Even as Rosita contemplates this, she follows a path that will ultimately lead her to reconnect with Sasha, says Gimple, possibly revealing a positive outcome for that run on Negan’s compound.

“These particular characters, with what they’ve been through not directly with each other, their connection with Abraham and awkwardness around it and yet needing each other and very much being on the same page now.”

Elsewhere in the new episode of The Walking Dead, Gimple reveals that a tender and much needed moment will come for Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), when the pair confront their past. Maggie finds herself finally able to give her forgiveness to Daryl and it’s not a moment too soon, as Daryl’s guilt continued to eat away at him and forced a distance between Maggie and himself.

The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon, Maggie Greene
‘The Walking Dead’ gives Daryl Dixon a much needed relief from guilt via Maggie Greene. [Image by AMC]

While Maggie may not have really blamed him, she still offered it to Daryl, because he needed it and The Walking Dead showrunner suggests this is a “beautiful” moment, because it’s an awkward, but needed moment of compassion. While that may seem like an uncharacteristic move for Maggie, Gimple suggests that the scene also serves to show how far Lauren Cohan’s character has come.

“That was exciting, seeing this character who had been a little harder on people or angrier sometimes winding up in a place of peace,” explains The Walking Dead boss. “Not zen peace — it’s all in service of her wanting to win this battle and set the world right, she wants some people wiped from the face of the earth.”

The Walking Dead, “Something They Need,” airs tonight on AMC.

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