Animal Adventure Park Live Cam Update On April The Giraffe

Animal Adventure Park Live Cam: April’s Latest Progress, Closer To Giving Birth?

Animal Adventure Park is again streaming the activities of April the giraffe on its live cam. As of Sunday, March 26, April’s unborn calf has quieted down and caretakers are getting a vibe that there’s a “calm before the storm” going on.

The afternoon live feed from Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York shows April continuing with her regular activities in the stall as her mate, Oliver, keeps her company in the stall next to her.

The park wrote on Facebook Sunday morning that April is extremely large and that the baby was “quiet.” There were some physical changes observed in the giraffe.

“This morning’s keeper report notes just how large April appears! Also, baby is extremely “quiet” this morning… calm before the storm? There are notable bulges on April’s left side today.”

April’s caretakers went on to say that all physical developments remained the same as prior. In other words, nothing has changed since Saturday night.

On Saturday, the veterinarian checked on April the giraffe to see how she was progressing. The evening update revealed that one of her teats did produce milk. She still has the wax caps on, which indicates she’s not close to giving birth yet. These are one of the big signs that she’s about to go into active labor. The animals instinctively mask their pain to keep predators away.

Is April waiting until April to have her baby?! Who knows! What we do know is that there has not been many changes recently and there is nothing beyond normal to report. Today, we will be visited by the caretakers of "Geoffrey the Giraffe" as Toys R Us Corporate will be on site! Keep tuning into the live feed from and the appeal store will be back up on MONDAY! #aprilviewcrew #giraffewatch2017 #animaladventurepark #animaladventure #aprilthegiraffe

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Other than the wax caps coming off, the only signs everyone will get that April is about to her baby is when the hooves are poking out her back end or her water breaks.

How long are giraffes in labor? April won’t clue anyone into her early stages of labor, but after the hooves are present, it will take her about 30 to 60 minutes to deliver the calf. It’ll take another 30 to 60 minutes for the giraffe baby to be on its own four legs. The calf will be about 150 pounds and six-feet-tall at birth.

Animal Adventure Park added on its Sunday morning Facebook post in the comments section that the cold wind and rain would keep April and Oliver inside. There’s still snow in the yard as well, they revealed. Giraffes and other animals prefer their indoor enclosures when it’s not warm and sunny outside.

All of the predictions about when April will give birth are based on behavioral changes and physical developments. Giraffes may mate several times before a pregnancy occurs, so it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact due date. Gestation is 15 months after conception.

There will be a naming contest for April’s baby giraffe. Animal Adventure Park doesn’t want anyone submitting names just yet. They’re going to have a contest in which a name of choice will be posted and each vote will be worth a certain amount of money. Funds will go towards the name of their choosing and the money will be put towards giraffe conservation, care for the giraffes at Animal Adventure Park, a yard camera to keep fans updated on April and Oliver, and other charitable events at the park. For example, one vote is worth $1 and 100 votes are worth $100. More information will come from the park soon.

Are you looking forward to April have her new giraffe baby? Do you watch Animal Adventure Park’s live cam daily to see what she’s up to?

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