An In Love Nick Viall And Vanessa Grimaldi Courtside In His Hometown

Nick and Vanessa and Nucks Hawks Game

Nick Viall, from The Bachelor, took his chosen sweetheart Vanessa Grimaldi to a basketball game between he Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the evening of Friday March the 24.

An Unofficial Rose Ceremony: Meet The Bachelor

The evening started off with a promotion called “A Night With Nick Viall” where Nick and Vanessa participated in a meet and greet with guests that night. The first 5,000 women that came through the centers doors received a complimentary rose from Pick ‘n Save.

And were they dressed for the occasion. Viall broke hearts in a grey jacket, while Grimaldi wore a sexy black leather jacket and jeans.

Vanessa Stakes Her Territory

Nick and Vanessa and Bucks Hawks Game March 2017

Us Magazine reports that Nick and Vanessa looked very in love and were openly affectionate.

“… the pair didn’t hold back on their PDA.”

“Viall, 36, and Grimaldi, 29, looked head over heels for each other as they took in the game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks courtside.”

Grimaldi made sure that despite the 5,000 women all getting roses, everyone knew that she was his chosen one. Vanessa posted a pic of her and Nick and Instagram.

Good to finally be back with my man in his hometown ????????????

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The couple also appeared in the halftime presentation of the game.

Ellen DeGeneres Asks About the After The Rose Ceremony

Ellen DeGeneres has long had a talent of enabling guests to speak candidly about the reality of their lives. Ellen asked him about the After the Final Rose special and why many fans thought that the show was “awkward.”

“I didn’t see the After the Rose because I could not commit to four hours of television.”

“I heard that some people thought it was awkward, that y’all were awkward together.”

Nick was taking his own sweet time in answering Ellen’s question so Vanessa Grimaldi responded to Ellen’s question even though she was seated in the audience.

“I didn’t think so. I think we both went in it wanting to be honest and open about couples, you know, sometimes things can get tough. But we’re very committed to each other, we love each other, and that’s what we’re focusing on.”

After The Bachelor

Nick Viall spotted in New York

Nick Viall has been quite busy since the end of The Bachelor. He has a new fiancée, is crazy busy with Dancing With The Stars and has William Shatner vying for his attention.

After The Bachelor came to an end, Nick and Vanessa have been dealing with the reality of their love as well as living in the spotlight. EOnline reports that Vanessa and Nick actively work on their relationship.

“They don’t hide the fact that this is all very new. But they’re putting in the work. They want this relationship to succeed.”

“They’re up front about the fact that they’re getting to know each other in a very unorthodox way.”

“They want to be honest about the experience.”

Vanessa has been posting Instagram Stories of Nick dancing in the hotel as he tries to keep up with his dance routines, as people have been wondering how he has been able to fit in normal life with the Dancing With The Stars schedule.

The William Shatner Debacle

Daily Mail reports that William Shatner turned to Twitter to have Nick Viall ousted from Dancing With The Stars.

On Thursday, Shatner took a page from Viall’s book with his own rose ceremony. He tweeted a peace offering.

“Hey @viallnicholas28 Will you accept this (peace / rose emoji)? As a Dad w/ daughters I’m not happy w/ what you’ve done in the past Maybe you’ve matured now?”

He followed up his peace offering with a compliment.

“Saw Nick Viall dance. He can really dance. I hope he’s as good a lover.”

Judging by the glow on Vanessa’s face, he is.

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