wwe news fans dies live event portland maine

WWE News: Fan Falls Over And Dies At WWE Live Event In Portland, Maine

When fans attend WWE events, they are looking for some of the best wrestling action in the world, but unfortunate real happenings do sometimes take place. On Saturday night, the Monday Night Raw roster went to Portland, Maine for a WWE Live event that would not be televised but continue the “Road to WrestleMania 33.” Unfortunately, one fan would end up losing their life before the evening came to a close.

The roster for Monday Night Raw was in Portland, Maine on Saturday night for a house show just one week before their biggest pay-per-view of the year. While the superstars took on one another in different matches, the fans sat in the crowd and cheered on their favorites while booing the heels, but it wasn’t all fun.

As reported by TMZ Sports, one fan actually fell over and died while at the event.

wwe news fans dies live event portland maine
[Image by WWE]

The report states that an elderly man, who has not had his name revealed to the public, collapsed in his seat in the corner stands. His collapse happened early in the evening and it was said to have actually taken place during the second match of the show.

As soon as EMTs were made aware of his collapse, they picked up the man and moved him to a flat area nearby. The EMTs did perform CPR on the man for around 20 minutes after moving him, but then, they put him on a stretcher and transported him to a local hospital nearby.

According to Wrestling Inc., the man did suffer a “heart-related incident” and ended up being pronounced dead at Maine Medical Center a short time after arriving.

As fans began tweeting out about the incident at the WWE Live event, it was noted that police began rushing around the area where the man had been seated. It was soon revealed that they were looking for the person with which he had attended the show.

wwe news fans dies live event portland maine
[Image by WWE]

It appears as if the man who collapsed and died was in attendance with another fan who has Down Syndrome and he was caring for him. Police made sure that the other fan was taken care of and that he was safe after the loss of the man with him.

According to WrestleZone who recapped the event in Portland, the second match of the night saw the team of Golden Truth and Curtis Axel defeat the Shining Stars and Titus O’Neal. Other matches on the card had more relevance for the big pay-per-view happening this weekend.

The death of a fan at the WWE Live event in Portland, Maine on Saturday night is one that really had nothing to do with the company or the action taking place in the ring. Situations like that cannot be predicted and they will sadly happen anywhere and everywhere without notice. The man, whose name has not yet been released, spent his final moments apparently enjoying something he loved in life and it is a shame that he will not be able to see WrestleMania 33.

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