The MacBook Pro 2017 is rumored to be a significant improvement over its predecessor.

MacBook Pro 2017: Three Likely Features Apple Fans Can Look Forward To

Apple polarized a lot of its longtime fans when it released the 2016 MacBook Pro. Before its launch, Apple’s most ardent supporters were looking forward to a robust device that could actually carry the esteemed MacBook Pro moniker. While the unveiled device turned out to be a physically stunning machine with a lot of neat tricks, it was nonetheless limited in a number of ways.

Critics of the 2016 MacBook Pro took issue with the machine’s limitations, including its severe lack of ports and unavoidable reliance on external dongles and ports. Its incapability for RAM upgrades was also heavily criticized, with some even stating that the Apple had all but removed what made the laptop a “Pro” level device in the first place.

If recent rumors prove right, however, it appears that Apple might have an ace up its sleeve this year. According to a podcast from CultofMac, there is a pretty good chance that Apple might finally unveil a worthy MacBook Pro this 2017. Here are three notable things that users could expect to see in the upcoming powerhouse laptop.

Kaby Lake/Ryzen 7 Chips

One of the most significant drawbacks of the 2016 MacBook Pro was found in its processors. While the device’s Intel Core i5 and Core i7 Skylake processors were capable enough, they were nonetheless underpowered compared to the chipmaker’s current flagship chips, the Kaby Lake processors. Back in January, notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the MacBook Pro 2017 lineup would finally be equipped with Intel’s latest processors, which would effectively increase the productivity capabilities of the Cupertino-based tech giant’s professional-grade laptop, according to a MacWorld report.

Other rumors suggest that the MacBook Pro 2017 would run on AMD’s Ryzen 7 chips instead. AMD’s current flagship processors have been making waves in the tech world lately, with critics noting that the performance of AMD Ryzen 7 chips is comparable to Intel Kaby Lake processors. Regardless of whether Apple opts for Intel’s Kaby Lake or AMD’s Ryzen 7 chips, however, one thing remains sure – the MacBook Pro 2017 would boast truly formidable specs.


One huge limitation of Skylake chips in the MacBook Pro 2016 was the fact that they could only support up to 16GB of laptop-grade RAM. Apple stated that while a 2016 MacBook Pro with 32GB of memory would have been possible, the tech giant would have been forced to utilize a desktop-grade and battery-draining RAM unit. With this in mind, Apple has opted to cap the 2016 MacBook Pro with a 16GB RAM unit instead.

While 16GB of memory is adequate for most tasks, heavy users lamented that the 2016 MacBook Pro’s RAM was simply far too limited for intensive computing. Fortunately, rumors state that the upcoming flagship laptop would feature 32GB of laptop-grade memory, allowing users of the machine to perform intensive tasks seamlessly.

Better Radeon Graphics

Apple’s most powerful iteration of the 2016 MacBook Pro was designed with dual-graphics, equipped with an Intel HD Graphics chip and an AMD Radeon Pro 455 unit. Unsurprisingly, this particular configuration was only available in Apple’s high-end 15-inch MacBook Pro, which is the most expensive variant of the device.

Fortunately, rumors are high that the 2017 MacBook Pro would utilize a more powerful GPU, such as the Radeon RX 500 unit. If these rumors prove true, the upcoming flagship laptop would be able to perform graphics-intensive tasks without a hitch, further establishing the machine as a professional-grade laptop.

The release date for the MacBook Pro 2017 has not been revealed as of date, though speculations are high that the device would be released sometime in October this year. Pricing for the devices remain unknown, but rumors are high that the powerhouse laptop would be priced at a premium.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]