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‘The Flash’ Season 3 New Villain Offers Shocking Savitar Reveal In Episode 18

After an awesome musical episode, The Flash Season 3 is back with the main plot, and the cast has been hyping up the Savitar reveal shocker. In episode 18 of The Flash, new villain Abra Kadabra comes from earth 19 and claims to know who Savitar really is.

Team Flash challenges Abra Kadabra, and he is seen in the promo teasing Savitar’s identity; however, it is yet to be determined if the big reveal is in episode 18.

With six episodes left, a showdown between Barry and Savitar is inevitably going to happen soon. Savitar has been getting his way so far, he tricked Wally into getting him out of the speed force, and Iris’s fate seems to be getting bleaker.

With Abra Kadabra’s information, Team Flash may get what they need to save Iris and defeat the so-called god of speed.

The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing confirms that Abra Kadabra is blowing hot air: “He has some information about Savitar. He knows who he is,” Helbing told The Hollywood Reporter.

Helbing also talked about why they decided to leave the revelation of the villain Savitar so late, and he also states that it is going to be the biggest twist we have seen in The Flash:

“Normally we have shown the identity of the villains a lot earlier in the season,” Helbing says. “There’s a specific reason why we waited for this reveal until now. Nobody’s going to see this coming. Harrison Wells in season one and Jay in season two were satisfying reveals, but this one takes the cake.”

Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen/ The Flash also talked about the big reveal with the publication. Gustin reveals that Savitar is going to be his character’s biggest challenge:

“It is a very different and jarring kind of reveal,” Gustin tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I can’t really tease much other than it’s going to be the hardest big bad to take down or even come up with a way to take down. It creates problems for us when we find out his true identity.”

Fans are already coming up with theories, and the most popular one so far is that Savitar is the Future Flash. Fans point to the message from Barry 40 years in the future and Savitar stating “I am the future, Flash,” which some The Flash theorist perceive as a double entendre if this is true, Barry is going to be in a battle with his future self.

Candice Patton, who plays Iris, added her two cents on the Savitar reveal on The Flash Season 3.

“One of our best villain reveals was Reverse-Flash and we’re always trying to live up to that, and I really think that this is on par with that. Without giving away too much, fans are going to be shocked. I was shocked when I found out. I was wondering how they could do it and make it work and keep it a secret, but I think fans are going to be really surprised. You won’t see it coming.”

Since Barry proposed to Iris, Savitar has put a dent in their plans. It is unclear whether a wedding will happen in this season if Team Flash can stop the future from happening. Patton has hinted at the potential wedding occurring in Season 4 but her character’s fate is still in the air.

Savitar is going to be Barry’s biggest challenge; however, maybe Wally could give him a helping hand.

The Flash Season 3 episode 18 continues next Tuesday with “Abra Kadabra” on The CW.

Do you think Savitar’s identity will be revealed in the next episode? Will Team Flash save Iris?

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