Liam Payne and Cheryl will not be sharing photos of the baby boy

Liam Payne, Cheryl Won’t Share Any More Pictures Of Their Son, Sources Claim

After Liam Payne and Cheryl shared a picture of their newborn son with thousands of fans on Instagram on Saturday, sources close to the couple have reportedly revealed that they will not share any more private snaps of their little son on social media because they want to protect his privacy.

This could mean that the picture showing Liam cradling his son after he was born on Wednesday, March 22, could be the first and the last photo of the baby boy that fans will see for a long time.

According to a source close to the former Girls Aloud star, Cheryl, 33, and One Direction singer, Liam, 23, the priority of the couple after sharing the joyous news of the birth of their son on social media is to respect and protect his privacy.

“Cheryl and Liam decided they won’t be sharing any pictures as they want to protect the privacy of the baby,” the source reportedly told the Daily Mail.

The source also revealed that Cheryl and Liam have turned down very lucrative magazine deals as part of their commitment to the decision to protect their son’s privacy. The couple will not sell any pictures of their son or participate in magazine deals, the source allegedly confirmed.

“They had been offered huge deals from the UK and US but they turned it down as the baby’s privacy is the most important thing to them,” the source said.

The Sun reported that the couple might have turned down a deal to put their son on display in a glossy magazine spread.

The news comes after Cheryl announced the birth of her first child on Saturday, March 25, just before Mother’s Day, on Sunday, March 26, in the U.K. She announced the birth of their baby boy by posting to Instagram a picture showing her partner Liam, cradling the little boy soon after birth.

On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream. Although he still doesn't have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers around the world. A day that now has a different meaning to me forever ????

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“On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream,” the caption to the photo read.

“Although he still doesn’t have a name he is already stealing hearts,” Cheryl continued. “We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival.”

Friends and family on both sides, including bandmates, added their congratulations to the announcement on Instagram.

The child was born at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on Wednesday, March 22.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world,” Cheryl wrote on Instagram to mark Mother’s Day. “A day that now has a different meaning to me forever.”

In a separate post to his social media page to announce the birth of their son, Liam revealed that he and his partner had not settled on a name for the boy.

“My close friends and family know there are very few times when I’m left speechless… wow!” he wrote. “I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world. It is a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favorite memory I have so far.”

In his comments in honor of Mother’s Day, Liam described Cheryl as an “incredible mother.”

“I’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true,” he wrote.

“We haven’t named him yet but he’s already capturing hearts including mine. I feel very blessed. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!”

Although Liam and Cheryl claimed that they have not settled on a name for the baby, some media reports recalled that Cheryl had admitted in 2012 that she loved the name Alfie, and that she would pick it if she ever had a baby boy.

“Of course I’ve thought about baby names a million times. I like Alfie for a little boy,” she reportedly said.

Liam also reportedly revealed in a radio interview that he liked the name Taylor.

“I like the name Taylor,” he said. “Taylor’s pretty neutral for a boy or a girl. That’s what I’m going to call my first child if I had children.”

Cheryl had kept the news that she was expecting a baby secret during the first eight months of her pregnancy. After keeping fans guessing for months, she finally confirmed that she was pregnant through a L’Oreal photoshoot in which she is shown cradling a huge baby bump that protruded in a close-fitting black dress.

Sources close to Cheryl reportedly said that she kept her pregnancy secret for so long because she did not want to “‘jinx her happiness’ after years of bad luck in relationships,” the Sun reported.

Cheryl was previously married, from July 2006 to September 2010, to the England footballer Ashley Cole. She later married Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in 2014, but divorced in October 2016.

Liam and Cheryl first met in 2008 when Liam was auditioning for The X Factor (U.K.) in 2008, the Inquisitr reported. But Liam did not make it to the live shows then. Cheryl was also still married to Ashley Cole at the time.

He appeared on X Factor again in 2010 and joined the newly formed group One Direction. He was still a teenager at the time.

Cheryl and Liam started dating in February 2016, although Cheryl was 10 years older than Liam.

Rumors suggest the couple could soon get married and that Liam has a plan to propose to Cheryl very soon.

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