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Stassi Schroeder Recalls Scheana Marie’s ‘Tacky’ Bridesmaid Behavior

Stassi Schroeder has had enough of Scheana Marie’s drama. Stassi looked back at her Vanderpump Rules co-star’s tacky behavior leading to Katie Maloney’s bridal shower and the red flag she saw in Scheana and Shay’s relationship leading to their divorce.

In an interview with Reality Tea, Stassi Schroeder admitted that Scheana Marie complaining about the cost of the bridal shower in front of Katie Maloney was such a tacky thing to do. As seen in an episode of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana complained when she was asked to shell out $1,000 for Katie’s bridal shower.

“That’s just so weird. It’s just a tacky, not normal thing to do and I told her that to her face, off camera. I told everyone that,” Stassi said.

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Stassi Schroeder was also surprised to find out that Scheana felt left out during the whole process. As for the bridal shower planning, Stassi explained that she, Jennifer, and Rachel were more hands on, adding that Kristen Doute was not even involved. The former SURver also explained that they also had a group bridesmaids’ lunch, which was not filmed, to discuss each of the bridesmaids’ tasks.

Stassi was shocked that the Vanderpump Rules star felt pressured to contribute when she specifically wrote in the group chat that everyone will be able to contribute “in their own way.”

“Meaning, if you don’t make as much, I’m not going to expect you to pay this amount of money. Contribute in any way that you can,” she explained.

Stassi Schroeder added that they only assumed that it was fair to split the bill three ways because they thought Scheana was making the same money as her and Kristen.

In January, Scheana Marie went on SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos to defend her behavior. While the Vanderpump Rules star admitted that it was tacky of her to talk about bridal shower expenses in front of Katie Maloney, she explained that she was just frustrated with how expensive the party turned out to be. She also did not understand why they had to split the cost three ways just because they were making more money than the other bridesmaids. The reality star added that she could have gotten a similar venue without spending a penny.

“I could have also gotten us a beautiful house for free. We could have had it at a gorgeous patio in a restaurant for free. So it was frustrating to me,” she added.

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Scheana later admitted that she was just not in the best financial shape at that time. The Vanderpump Rules star recalled that it was tough to contribute $1,000 when her husband, Michael Shay, was spending their money left and right.

“He’s running up my credit card bills and taking money out of our savings account and all of this. So I’m like, I can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a bridal shower when my husband’s already taking it from me,” she said.

Scheana Marie and Michael Shay announced their divorce back in November. Stassi Schroeder, however, told Us Weekly that she already knew that the couple was heading for a split long before. Stassi noticed that Shay has been MIA most of the time, which got her worried about the couple’s relationship.

“You’ll see as you keep watching this season. Shay kind of backed off from us almost entirely. It felt like he was almost never around. So that to me was like a little bit of a red flag, but like nothing major. So when they actually decided to split up, that was a little shocking,” Stassi said.

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