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Josh Gordon Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Cleveland Browns Trade Possible?

Josh Gordon-Seattle Seahawks rumors are getting mentioned a lot on social media. Many Cleveland Browns trade rumors have surfaced since news broke that the team is either going to deal or cut troubled receiver Josh Gordon. This, in turn, has led to many fans hoping that their respective teams will pull the trigger on a trade for him. At the center of the equation is that Gordon’s contract would be extremely affordable for any franchise needing to upgrade at the position.

A new report by ESPN states that Gordon began the process to be reinstated into the NFL following a series of suspensions for violating the league’s drug policies. In four consecutive years, Gordon served a drug suspension for all or parts of those NFL seasons. While he was conditionally reinstated last offseason, Gordon was also suspended for the first four games of 2016. Before that suspension ended, Gordon entered a rehab facility and remained on the suspended list, postponing a final decision by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

There are a number of NFL rumors that indicate the league will make a decision on Josh Gordon’s reinstatement by the end of April or the beginning of May. That will give Gordon plenty of time to find a new team before training camp, should the Cleveland Browns release him. The Browns will also have a window to pull off a trade, which is where the Seattle Seahawks rumors might make sense. The Seahawks could easily afford his contract and head coach Pete Carroll has worked well with troubled players in the past.

Josh Gordon Playing For Cleveland Browns Against Atlanta Falcons
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Josh Gordon’s contract still has two years left on it, should the NFL give him a full reinstatement. In 2017, Gordon will earn a base salary of $1,068,406, while carrying a cap hit of $1,068,406. That could come as a bargain for most teams, as Gordon’s stats have been impressive in nearly all of his NFL seasons. That salary would be in effect if he is reinstated by the NFL, but the Browns could get out of the non-guaranteed portion of his contract by simply cutting him. That would allow Gordon to sign with any team he wants to in free agency.

So could the Cleveland Browns trade Josh Gordon to the Seattle Seahawks? Yes, it is certainly possible, but there has been no indication that the two front offices have had any discussions. A deal that might make more sense would be for New England Patriots head coach and general manager Bill Belichick to call up the Browns. Belichick has worked with a number of other troubled receivers in the past, including the enigmatic Randy Moss. He might not be the only team to “kick the tires” on making a move for Gordon.

Josh Gordon’s stats from the 2013 NFL season are the focal point of attention for most football fans. That is the year where Gordon placed himself on the map, doing it all in just 14 games with the Browns. During the season, Gordon caught 87 passes for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns. The amazing numbers included 117.6 receiving yards per game, which also led the entire NFL for the year. Since his rookie season in 2012, Gordon has only played in 35 total NFL games, showing how hard it has been for him to stay on the good side of the commissioner.

Josh Gordon And Johnny Manziel With Cleveland Browns
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There have been a lot of NFL rumors about Gordon for the past few years. Languishing on a terrible team, Gordon’s name came up anytime it seemed like the Cleveland Browns were looking to deal for draft picks. That might be a possible scenario here as well because the 2017 NFL Draft is coming up and Cleveland is stockpiling picks. Fans in the Pacific Northwest hoping that the Josh Gordon-Seattle Seahawks rumors might have validity may have to temper their excitement, though, as no deals involving the Browns are on the table at the moment.

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