Dana Brooke Has Taken a Backseat For Wrestlemania 33

WWE News: Original ‘Wrestlemania’ Plans Revealed For Dana Brooke And Charlotte

Unfortunately, Dana Brooke will be one of the few women in the division taking a backseat at Wrestlemania 33 because WWE officials decided to cancel their original plans for her on the grandest stage of them all. In fact, Brooke has been mostly kept off WWE television for months despite still technically being Charlotte’s “protege” throughout her run with the Raw Women’s Title. With all due respect, she has been called useless.

Dana Brooke appeared to be the next big thing in the women’s division when she first debuted on the main roster. She beat both Becky Lynch and Paige in singles matches and aligned with Charlotte to learn from her and get some heel heat by association. For a time, it was reported that WWE officials were looking at Brooke as the “female Roman Reigns.” However, she’s not even on the Wrestlemania 33 card almost a year later.

It’s being said that many WWE officials are still high on Dana Brooke and see her future in WWE to be very bright. A full rivalry with Charlotte is certainly possible after Wrestlemania, but a lot of people are curious if she’d be able to handle the feud with one of WWE’s best performers. Last week, Charlotte defeated Brooke in a match on Raw, which may be the end of their beef. That’s a long way from what was originally planned.

Dana Brooke Had a Brief Moment of Satisfaction Over Charlotte
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Originally, WWE was planning Dana Brooke to challenge Charlotte for the Raw Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania 33. For all intents and purposes, she was meant to be in Bayley’s position right now heading into the grandest stage of them all. Instead, she’s putting over Charlotte roughly two weeks before her match in Orlando. Months ago, it seemed like Dana Brooke could have left Orlando the Raw Women’s Champion.

There is still plenty of time for her to get her push, but why did WWE officials essentially ignore her for the last few months? First and foremost, Brooke has been competing in the Arnold Classic, which has taken up a lot of her time. However, there have also been rumors about some backstage heat on her for her attitude, a few untimely botches on WWE television, and some unconfirmed rumors about her sleeping her way to the top.

Needless to say, there have been some good reasons why Brooke’s push has slowed down. Another reason is WWE officials want to focus on Charlotte, which means using Dana to help her win matches won’t put her over as the top female in WWE. Despite everything that has happened over the past few months, WWE may give Dana Brooke her chance after Wrestlemania to feud with Charlotte and see how the fans react to her.

Charlotte Defeated Dana Brooke On Raw a Few Weeks Back
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However, WWE officials will need to work harder to make Dana Brooke a legitimate competitor who will be able to hang with someone like Charlotte in the ring. Despite the fact that their match on Raw last week was intended to get Charlotte over, Brooke didn’t come off looking strong coming out of it at all.

Frankly, Dana Brooke looked like a jobber. If WWE had waited until the post-Wrestlemania edition of Raw for their match and gave her the shocking win over Charlotte, it would have been much more effective. The WWE Universe was chanting for Brooke after she stood up to Charlotte. That’s a big testament to the latter’s momentum as a heel, but it could be used as a good building block for Dana Brooke to become a babyface.

Emma is also due for her “real” return to WWE television soon. WWE officials may have Brooke and Emma reunite after Wrestlemania to feud with Charlotte. Dana Brooke has potential to be a big star for WWE, but working with Charlotte and Emma for awhile could do a lot more than forcing her into the spotlight.

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