‘One Piece’ Chapter 856 Manga Spoilers – Sanji’s Confession And Luffy’s Action

‘One Piece’ 860: Guests Arrive At The Big Wedding, Jinbei’s Urges Crew To Escape

Chapter 860 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece has all the pompousness of a lavish but wicked wedding ceremony at the Whole Cake Chateau. However, as outlined by the Fire Tank Captain, the event could also turn into a full-blown battle which Luffy D. Monkey’s Straw Hats pirates have no chance of winning. The current chapter also reveals a notorious commander that could end the plot even before it begins.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 860 spoilers/recap ahead]

In the previous chapter of One Piece manga, Fire Tank Captain and criminal mastermind Capone “Gang” Bege had outlined a carefully planned plot to assassinate Big Mom and rescue the Vinsmoke clan. The main goals of the assassination plot involved getting into the wedding venue undetected, breaking Mother Caramel’s photo, killing Big Mom with “Deadly Poison Gas Bullet, the KX Launcher,” and escaping the Whole Cake Chateau through Brulee’s Magic Mirror World. Incidentally, the team has all the prerequisites.

Interestingly, One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda doesn’t reveal the assassination plot being put into action in the current chapter. In the previous chapters, he had revealed just how big and important the function is. Jinbei had mentioned that powerful crime bosses and underworld villains would be attending the wedding ceremony of Lady Pudding and Sanji Vinsmoke. Incidentally, besides the people Big Mom had invited, there are a few important dignitaries that have come from the Vinsmoke clan’s side as well.

Chapter 860 of manga One Piece focuses on the important guests and VIPs who make a beeline to the venue and scramble to enter the highly exclusive event. However, it begins with talks about a full-blown mutiny that took place even before Jinbei busted out Luffy and Nami from the Prisoner’s Library inside Big Mom’s dungeon.

In the previous chapter, Pekoms was being subtly restricted by Jinbei’s crew onboard the Sharkman’s ship. It was quite apparent that Pekoms realized he was being detained. When sweet talking didn’t work, the crew bound Pekoms to a chair and revealed their escape plan. Incidentally, Jinbei became aware of the Vinsmoke as well as Big Mom’s assassination plot from Pekoms. He extrapolated that Luffy would surely attempt something crazy to save his “nakama,” Sanji.

With an altruistic mindset, Jinbei had proclaimed that he would help the captain of the Straw Hats pirates. Jinbei helping Luffy would mean going against and betraying Charlotte Linlin, and in extension, committing mutiny. The sharkman revealed how Big Mom quickly pulled out the dreaded roulette wheel when he expressed a desire to part ways with the Yonko. The roulette wheel usually decides how many years will have to be deposited to buy one’s freedom.

However, in the case of Jinbei, Big Mom had demanded that he surrender crew members as well. In other words, Big Mom’s settlement for Jinbei’s freedom involved the lives of his crew members as well, which the sharkman was not ready to allow. Hence, he wants his crew members to escape with his ship. He reasons that on the day of the ceremony, Big Mom’s patrol ships, Hors D’oeuvre Interceptors, would be escorting the ships of guests. Since the security will be focused on the ceremony, it would be lax for the outer regions.

Unfortunately, orchestrating the escape and helping Luffy would mean Jinbei will be risking his life, and his first mate, Aladine, realizes the same. Jinbei calmly notes that he plans to pledge his allegiance to Luffy and the Straw Hats pirates. Shockingly, Jinbei adds that risking his life will be an eventuality instead of a possibility. As instructed, Jinbei’s crew assures him they would take the ship and head to Fishman Islands. As expected, besides Luffy and Sanji, Jinbei is also worried about Ryugu Kingdom.

The scene shifts back to the Whole Cake Chateau, where the Vinsmoke clan is getting ready for the wedding ceremony. According to Judge Vinsmoke, the ceremony has been planned to take place on the roof at 10. With just 15 minutes left, guests from across the world are seen clamoring to get inside. Some of the notable mentions include the Black Market King, “God of Fortune” Du Feld, the President of the World Economic Times, “Big News” Morgans, the Queen of the Pleasure Quarter, Stussy, great mortician, Drug Peclo, storage industry titan, “The Concealer” Giberson, shipping magnet, “Deep Ocean Current” Umit, and organ dealer, Jigra.

Yonko Big Mom’s parties are centered around everything sweet, and this one follows the same theme. Even the escalator is made of delectable candy. However, everything is not sweet, proves Charlotte Linlin’s second son and one of the three main commanders, Katakuri or Dogtooth Charlotte, with a 1 billion 57 million bounty. One of his apparent abilities is seeing into the future called the “Observation Haki”. Although he can’t see more than a few seconds into the future, Dogtooth’s ability allows him to kill Jigra, who he suspects was at the venue to kill Big Mom because she had killed his bedridden father.

With the doors to the ceremonial hall finally thrown open, Big Mom welcomes her esteemed guests. At the lavish event, Lady Smoothie is seen offering some very bizarre drinks to the guests. Chapter 860 of One Piece ends with Sanji deep in thought. It is quite possible that the chef is mentally preparing himself for what is about to happen.

Chapter 861 of One Piece is expected to be released without a break in the coming week. Will Commander Dogtooth be able to sense the actions of Luffy and Capone? Will the Fire Tank captain nullify the threat? Will the Straw Hats pirates manage to save the Vinsmoke clan? What about Zeff and the Baratie crew? Hopefully, mangaka Oda offers answers to some of these questions in the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

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