Who Is Gwen Alexander? Cracker Barrel Still Silent As Brad Byrd Clears Air on FB

Who Is Gwen Alexander? Cracker Barrel Still Silent As ‘Brad’s Wife’ Still Trends

The “Brad’s Wife” saga has captivated the internet for the past several days, with Indiana man Bradley Reid Byrd claiming his wife Nanette was fired by one Gwen Alexander, a Cracker Barrel manager. But with the restaurant chain still silent on the matter and Alexander apparently having closed her LinkedIn and social media accounts over the recent furor, Byrd also took to Facebook yesterday to stress the seriousness of his family’s current situation.

Although Alexander hasn’t publicly admitted to firing Nanette Byrd, she was nonetheless named by Brad Byrd in a Facebook post accusing her of sacking his wife after 11 years of service. The Inquisitr recently wrote that this triggered a plethora of reactions from social media users, who showed their support to Brad and Nanette in a variety of ways, while also taking Cracker Barrel and Alexander to task for what they did to Nanette.

According to a report from Heavy, Gwen Alexander works for Cracker Barrel Indiana as a district retail manager and has served at that position since 2003. This information came from Alexander’s LinkedIn page, which, as of the moment, appears to have been deleted.

It also would appear that Gwen Alexander has closed whatever social media accounts she may have had open – as her name is fairly common, there are several results for her name on Facebook and Twitter, but none for someone working at Cracker Barrel. This was the observation made by a Facebook user who shared Alexander’s LinkedIn profile on Friday, at a time when her account was still active.

“It seems she’s shutdown [sic] all her social media accounts after word got around on her identity.”

At this point, social media users are either sharing funny “Brad’s Wife” memes in support of Brad Byrd’s wife Nanette, or calling out Alexander for firing Nanette from Cracker Barrel and demanding that she explain herself. With that in mind, Byrd took to Facebook yesterday to clarify a few things in the light of the ongoing viral saga, correcting details that were incorrectly reported at first, including the date of his wife’s firing from Cracker Barrel.

“In answer to a few questions. Yes. We are real (people). Yes. My wife was terminated. Yes. She had worked there for 11 years. NO. It was NOT on my birthday. I hope this clears some things up. Oh yeah. NO we have NOT heard anything.”

He also stressed that his issues with Gwen Alexander and Cracker Barrel are no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. This follows up on an earlier post of his, where he asked people to direct their complaints on the issue to Cracker Barrel’s main office, and not their local restaurant.

“I know that people are amused by this situation and hope you can understand that for us this a serious situation”

Are people taking things too far with the “Brad’s Wife” memes, calls for Gwen Alexander’s head, and bad Cracker Barrel reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and other mediums? Inc.‘s Suzanne Lucas believes that is the case, opining that it’s about time people stopped “harassing” Cracker Barrel over the firing of Brad Byrd’s wife. She believes there was likely a valid reason why Nanette Byrd was sacked from her job, and while it’s possible she was discriminated against, it’s still unlikely the decision to fire her was made on a whim.

“What’s most likely in this scenario is that Cracker Barrel had a good reason for firing Nanette. They are being polite and proper by keeping quiet. And furthermore, this is what you want to happen.”

Lucas added that it would simply be best that the internet leaves the Byrds alone and respects their privacy, and that the current situation benefits neither the employer nor the fired employee.

“Let’s all be adults here. If Nanette Byrd has a case, she should hire an attorney. But don’t think internet mob rule is the way you want employment cases to be sorted out. It’s not pretty and it’s a terrible idea for employee and employer alike.”

Do you agree or disagree with Bradley Reid Byrd’s request for people to take things seriously and Inc.‘s separate op-ed on the ongoing trend of Cracker Barrel-bashing? Do Gwen Alexander and Cracker Barrel have a right to explain their side on the”Brad’s Wife” matter, or should they remain silent as they have? Sound off in the comments section below, and let us know what you think.

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