Roseanne Barr considers bring 'Roseanne' back to TV

Roseanne Barr Says The Cast Of ‘Roseanne’ Want A Reboot Series, Will It Happen?

Calling all Roseanne fans!

Roseanne Barr, creator and star of the ABC hit series, says the rowdy Conner family wants to follow the footsteps of Full House, Gilmore Girls, and Will & Grace and become the latest TV family to be reunited for a series reboot, according to Today.

Roseanne Barr posted to her Twitter page, “Roseanne show cast is up for a reunion.” The fans immediately went crazy, begging her to make it happen.

The comedian revealed on Thursday that she and her co-stars were all on board with rebooting Roseanne, which aired 1988-1997. The series told the story of a blue-collar American family dealing with family and economic issues.

John Goodman stated that he was in if they can get the network to pick it up. However, Roseanne fans wonder how they would handle the death of Goodman’s character, Dan, on the show. The series would only be a hit if they could get all the cast together, minus Glenn Quinn, who played Becky’s husband Mark on the show. He died in 2002.

John Goodman and Sara Gilbert (Darlene) teased the fans with a spoof of Roseanne on The Talk. Seeing the two of them together on the couch gave the fans the need to have Roseanne back on TV.

Goodman appeared on The Talk last week for his Roseanne spoof. He was asked if he would consider teaming up with his castmates again for a reboot and he answered without hesitation.

“Oh, hell yeah,” he replied. “If we could get everybody together.

“The big ‘R’ (Roseanne Barr) and I did a pilot about five years ago that didn’t go anywhere…but we were very happy to work together…but if we could get everyone together…”

Gilbert wondered if they could get George Clooney to appear in the reboot. Later, she admitted she was joking as he has been kind of busy lately.

“The times are weird enough for the family,” added Goodman. “Our theme was… ‘just because we’re broke doesn’t mean we’re stupid.’ Yeah, they’d have a lot more to deal with right now. But yeah, that would be a blast!”

Both Goodman and Gilbert said that traveling to Lanford, Illinois, after all these years would be fun for everyone.

“Your only fear is you don’t want to do a bad version because you don’t want to damage what’s been done,” Sara said.

“But, yeah, I think it would be amazing.”

The hardest part of the reboot would be to bring Dan back to the series. In a shocking plot twist on the series finale, Roseanne revealed that Dan never had an affair, but he died of a heart attack.

Roseanne was not only loved by the fans but was critically acclaimed as well, Simple Most reported. It was nominated for countless Golden Globes awards, taking home the win several times.

Roseanne Conner was not your typical sitcom mother and Roseanne was not your typical show. It tackled tough issues such as abortion, infidelity, birth control, cancer, homophobia, racism, child abuse, gender inequality, poverty, sexual harassment, and addiction.

Apparently, ABC hasn’t given her an answer about the reboot, but if they deny it, Barr will consider other networks. She mentioned Netflix as a possible home for the Roseanne reboot.

A few weeks ago, Barr revealed that she was working on a new series but wouldn’t reveal any details about it. Social media suggested that she could be working on Roseanne‘s reboot, but she may not want to give any details about the show just yet.

Barr said a few months ago, if she would ever bring Roseanne back to TV, it would be set in present day. She didn’t explain how John Goodman’s character would fit into the Roseanne reboot.

Roseanne fans, would you like to see the Conner family back on television?

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