Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner's House, Aspen Ski Trip, Bring Backlash [Photos]

Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner’s $5.5M House, Aspen Ski Trip Bring Rage [Photos]

As seen in the photo above, Rhona Wolfe Friedman was photographed in front of her home, next door to the home of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. According to the Associated Press, some people in the posh Kalorama neighborhood in Washington, D.C., have complained about Ivanka and her brood being in the neighborhood. Ivanka’s entourage, which includes a big Secret Service detail, has had an effect upon neighbors who aren’t happy with Ivanka’s security presence blocking off the street and taking up parking places.

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As seen in the photo above, Ivanka’s house has barricades in front of the home, as would be expected for the daughter of President Donald Trump. However, the security measures for Ivanka and White House Senior Advisor Kushner are causing consequences that aren’t making all of Ivanka and Jared’s neighbors happy, since parking was already crowded before Ivanka arrived.

With closed sidewalks in one of Washington’s most exclusive neighborhoods, some neighbors have also complained that Ivanka and her family have not learned when the garbage pickup schedule is, and therefore have left trash bags on the curb in the tony neighborhood for days nearby their $5.5-million house.

A visit to the playground for Ivanka’s children requires three vans. One of Ivanka’s neighbors, Marietta Robinson, called it a three-ring circus. Marietta lives directly across the street from Ivanka. Although the cost of the house is $5.5 million, Ivanka and her husband are currently renting the home from a company who bought the house in December. The firm has ties to a Chilean billionaire.

Kushner and Trump moved in the house not long after President Trump’s inauguration.

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The house is about two miles north of the White House, and sits among other town homes that have four or five stories. Ivanka’s neighbors are used to famous neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Obama moved there after leaving the White House, but no one has caused such a backlash like Ivanka and her family. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace complained in a recent community meeting about the parking issues.

Certain neighbors don’t like that Ivanka was able to rent the home despite the fact that the firm that owns the house only obtained a license to rent the house this week, in the wake of warnings by city regulators.

Ivanka’s Secret Service and security presence has been called an unusually large and aggressive security presence, with Ivanka leaving and arriving in a motorcade consisting of four vehicles. Oftentimes the security personnel mills about outside of Ivanka’s house talking at all hours, claim neighbors, and glare meanly at anybody in view.

The “No Parking” signs were removed after it was learned that there weren’t any permits that had been requested for parking exemptions and sidewalk closures on Ivanka’s street. The Trump-Kushner house has had a plethora of vehicles parked in restricted areas for hours, whereas street parking for non-residents has a two-hour limit.

According to CNN, another thing surrounding Ivanka and Jared that caused ire to be raised was their recent ski trip vacation to the elite Aspen, Colorado, town. Ivanka and Kushner vacationed until Thursday, skiing with family, and being photographed by paparazzi, as seen below. However, it wasn’t the neighbors of Jared and Ivanka who were upset with their Aspen ski trip, but as reported by CNN, “Trump was fuming” that Jared wasn’t there during the “crucial week” that ended with the Trumpcare bill being pulled prior to a vote.

According to the Daily Mail, an estimated 100 Secret Service agents protected the Trump Family in Aspen.

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On Instagram, Ivanka posted the following photo of her children, which referenced the ski trip.

Exhausted little skiers! #springbreak

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According to CNN, Ivanka wore $585 Dior sunglasses during the Aspen ski trip.

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