Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds Memorial: ‘Stars Wars’ R2D2, Others Pay Tribute

Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynold's Memorial

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds’ memorial was held today at Hollywood’s Forest Lawn, and from multiple media reports, there were very few dry eyes to be seen. Even Star Wars‘ R2D2 made an appearance, USA Today reports. Some of the other stars in attendance included comedian Dan Akroyd and actress Ruta Lee. There were performances by the The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles and the Debbie Reynolds Dance Company, plus montages of some of Reynolds’ and Fishers’ greatest cinematic moments.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

“We shouldn’t be here so soon in our lives,” Aykroyd said of the woman who brought the iconic Princess Leia to life. As USA Today notes, Akroyd and Fisher were engaged to be married for a short time in the ’70s before her marriage to Paul Simon. Dan shared that even though they never ended up exchanging vows, they did get their blood tests done. He added that if they had ever had a child, it would be Todd Fisher. Todd is Reynolds’ son and Carrie Fisher’s brother.

TCM host Ben Mankiewicz also attended the memorial. According to USA Today, he shared his memories of Carrie having “one of the greatest bull-sh** detectors of all time” and said that she penned his most-liked tweet.

“Some of the best celebrity interviews are on WebMD,” which may have been a reference to the interviews Fisher gave to the site about her struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction.

Not one to be left out, Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars co-star, R2D2, came to the stage as well. Everyone’s favorite space robot “wept” until Todd Fisher knelt down to comfort him.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds passed away last year just one day apart from one another. Fisher’s death came first. In a interview with Entertainment tonight, Todd Fisher revealed that Carrie’s passing was a devastating blow for his mother, Debbie.

“My mother said to me the night that Carrie died… we were talking that night and I didn’t know what was happening, but she was setting me up for her leaving the planet,” he said.

“And she really just said to me, ‘You know, I know that was really hard on you losing your sister.’ [And I said], ‘I mean, Carrie was there holding my hand when I took my first steps. I have film of that and it will be in the memorial.’ And when I was editing that, it ripped my heart out. But my mother said, ‘I know that’s tough. It might be tougher even, you know… I don’t know for sure when I [will] go.'”

Todd Fisher and Debbie Reynolds then had a difficult discussion about her estate and other things that were already taken care of if she died. And then she did.

“I thought that we were just going through these events just like one would go back through an estate,” Todd continued. “But instead the next morning, we had a little further dialogue and she chose to leave the planet in front of my face two feet away. If you had told me this story and I wasn’t there, I would have a very hard time believing what I saw. But she literally looked at me and said, ‘I want to go be with Carrie’ and closed her eyes and went to sleep.”


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