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Jon Gosselin To Work As a Stripper As He Turns 40

Jon Gosselin has moved on from his time on reality television, and now it turns out that he has a new job, but it may just be for one night. Jon has been working as a DJ, and now according to the Hollywood Gossip, Jon will be working as a stripper for one night that just happens to be his birthday. If you want to see Jon strip, it will be happening on April 1st, in Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City.

Jon Gosselin’s big stripping job is on April Fool’s Day, but it really doesn’t appear to be a joke. It looks like Jon is totally serious about doing this, but for one night only as of this report. Jon has been sharing all about the job on Twitter like he wants to make sure everyone knows and shows up to watch his big debut. Jon even tagged some of the big websites, such as TMZ like he wanted to make sure they knew about him doing it as well.

One thing to know is that Jon Gosselin won’t be getting totally nude. He will be leaving his underwear on, but it sounds like he will strip off everything else. You have to wonder what his ex-wife Kate Gosselin and his children think about Jon being a stripper for a night.

This show is supposed to be a bit like Magic Mike. That means that if you watch it, you will probably see more of Jon Gosselin dancing than being all over the women. You have to wonder if Jon even knows how to dance. He does work as a DJ, so he has a love for music. TMZ shared that Jon’s dance won’t be a “hump your face” kind of thing. It will be stripping though, and he will take it all off, but his underwear.

Jon Gosselin has been rehearsing for a few weeks to prepare for his big night. He has also been working out so that he will look pretty good while he is out there doing this new job. It turns out that Jon Gosselin is friends with the people running the show and that is how he ended up doing it. You have to wonder if it comes with a pretty good paycheck that he needs as well. It is being said this is not a joke, but Jon has posted a question mark at the end of a post, so maybe he just isn’t sure that he will do a very good job at it. Hopefully, someone will get video of Jon Gosselin stripping to share with the world since everyone won’t be able to attend.

Jon and Kate Gosselin have been through their issues over the years, and these two don’t get along very well anymore. Their reality show was canceled, but she later was able to get her own show called Kate Plus 8. The last season of the show pretty much focused on Kate taking the kids on various vacations and having a good time together. Hopefully, TLC will bring it back for more episodes.

Are you shocked to hear that Jon Gosselin will be working as a stripper for one night? Do you think that he will end up liking it and doing it again? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about Jon Gosselin’s new one night job as a stripper. If he does great, maybe he will do it again.

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