Alan Tudyk wants to be in more Star Wars films

Alan Tudyk Eyes Future ‘Star Wars’ Roles For K-2SO

The future of the Star Wars franchise is being widely discussed at the moment, especially after it was recently announced that the “creative team” over at Lucasfilm had ironed out a plan that will take the universe all the way through to 2035.

One member of the Star Wars cast is already angling for a future role in the universe, too, as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s Alan Tudyk has insisted that he’d love to reprise the character of K-2S0 again. In fact, he’s even ear-marked the upcoming Han Solo film as a potential new Star Wars tale that could include K-2S0, however, he did confess that since production is already under way he probably won’t be involved.

“I would like it. I don’t think it’s possible, because I think they’re done with the Han Solo one, aren’t they? They just started? That would be cool.”

As well as admitting that he’d love to feature in Han Solo, Alan Tudyk also insisted that he wants to see a Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and K-2 movie in the future, too.

Alan Tudyk talks Star Wars future
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Alan Tudyk even has an idea of what it could depict, too, as he believes that it could see Cassian finding K-2, while he insisted that there are dozens of other potential stories that a new film could focus on.

“I want a Cassian [Andor] and K-2 movie where we see who they were beforehand. And see the story of Cassian finding K-2 and who was K-2 back when he was in the Empire and all of that. So there’s a lot of stories. Now that they’re telling these different stories, there’s a lot of opportunities to branch out. I’m pushing for that one! That one sounds good.”

There are some spoilers ahead for Rogue One, so those of you that haven’t seen the film should proceed cautiously. K-2S0 proved to be one of the most popular characters in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, especially because of his heroic death as he assisted Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Cassian in their attempt to unlock the schematics for the Death Star.

It also helped that Alan Tudyk put in a pitch-perfect comedic performance as K-2S0, too. However, during his discussion with Uproxx, Tudyk refused to take credit for the success of the character, insisting that his co-stars Felicity Jones and Diego Luna were just as much to blame.

“I got really lucky. Not only did he have some good lines, then as we went, we all got along so well we really were having a good time. You know, six months, you travel all over the world and you start to get a rapport. And a lot of it was Felicity and Diego and me. So we were just playing around on set and a lot of our improvs ended up in the movie. And I’m a smartass from way back, and so my smartassery really jived with K-2’s, and so we captured some genuine funny moments that happened between us.”

Alan Tudyk talks Star Wars
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Alan Tudyk might find out pretty soon if he’s required to reprise his role as K-2S0. That’s because, according to Slash Film, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed during a recent talk at USC’s Marshall School Of Business that discussions over the future of the Star Wars universe are well under way, and that the current plans will unfold over the next decade and a half.

“We’re just starting to talk about what happens to Star Wars after [Episode] 9. It’s way too early, and certainly nothing that I can reveal, but we’ve got a creative team actually thinking about what could be another decade and a half of Star Wars stories. It’s kind of mind-blowing to spend an afternoon with a creative team talking about that. Where could you go, where should we go?

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