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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Is ‘BB19’ Cast Of All-Stars A Bad Idea For CBS?

Big Brother 19 spoilers have created a lot of debate this winter. Among the BB19 cast rumors are that it will be comprised of All-Stars, bringing back former houseguests who could compete for the $500,000 prize in 2017. These Big Brother rumors are mostly fan-generated, though, with viewers suggesting that the Twitter feeds for the reality competition show and host Julie Chen have been dropping hints about what is coming in summer, 2017.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there has already been an official announcement from CBS on when Big Brother season 19 will air its premiere. Episode 19.1 will premiere on CBS on Wednesday, June 28, with an expectation already in place that the second episode of the season will air on June 29. If the familiar format is followed again, the first BB19 eviction ceremony will take place June 29 as well.

Julie Chen has been hinting at potential Big Brother 19 spoilers for several years. A report by Entertainment Weekly even addressed the All-Star rumors, with Chen chiming in about how she had an idea for producers to work with.

“I have been actually pushing for an All Star season in that it’s beyond ‘all star.’ It’s the cream of the crop. It’s the winner from each season to compete. So, it’s the ‘Winner’s Circle.’ And I’m talking back to season one, Eddie [McGee]. I mean all the way back!”

Could it be a bad idea for the BB19 cast to be comprised of All-Stars? There have been a lot of complaints on social media sites that fans of the show are growing tired of seeing familiar faces return as houseguests. Jason Roy just returned as a member of the Big Brother: Over The Top cast and during Big Brother 18, four former houseguests returned to the fold. Roy finished second in Over The Top, while Nicole Franzel, who had been on the show before, returned and won as a member of the BB18 cast.

There are additional unconfirmed Big Brother 19 rumors that could certainly provide for an interesting season. For Valentine’s Day this year, Big Brother host Julie Chen posted a collage of showmances from the history of the reality competition. It caused a number of posts on social media about how a season of couples could make for an interesting show. That might mimic something that ABC has done before with its Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises, simultaneously giving CBS an excuse to bring back “All-Star” cast members.

Having couples comprise the entire BB19 cast would certainly raise the potential for drama, which is something that show producers have loved working with in the past. It wouldn’t necessarily be a new concept either, as there have been teams and duos working together during other seasons. Secret alliances had even been placed in the Big Brother house, including a set of twins that first rotated with each other and then both eventually entered the house at the same time. Liz and Julia Nolan were a big “twist” used in Big Brother 17.

There is a chance that Big Brother 20 could be where producers try to shake up the current format. The BB20 cast might just be where the All-Stars are placed, especially if the recent Big Brother casting calls are an indication that the show does want some new blood for summer 2017. This is one of those situations, where CBS and show producers could put an end to all the Big Brother rumors, and simply tell fans what they want to know. That would cut down on the social media buzz, though, which is likely why there is still so much secrecy surrounding how Big Brother 19 will work.

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