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WWE News: Edge And Christian Talk The ‘Broken’ Hardys Returning To WWE

It is one of the greatest mysteries in all of wrestling right now, and there may only be a small handful of people who actually know if the Hardy Boyz will return to WWE in time for WrestleMania 33. So many people have weighed in on the matter and it seems only right that two of their greatest opponents offer their thoughts on it as well. Edge and Christian have decided to give their thoughts on a possible return for Matt and Jeff while also discussing if the “Broken” gimmick can work in WWE.

With WrestleMania 33 around the corner and the Hardy Boyz performing for Ring of Honor a mere 45 minutes away on the night before, April 2 could end up being huge for WWE and its fans. Right now, no one has any clue if Matt and Jeff are going to make their returns, but they believe it is more a matter of “when” instead of “if.”

As the Hardys are in the spotlight of wrestling news, two of their most iconic opponents are also getting a bit of their own. Edge and Christian spoke with Forbes regarding their new podcast called “E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness” which will be all things WWE and wrestling, past and present.

wwe news edge christian broken hardy matt jeff return
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While talking about a number of different topics, things turned to the Hardy Boyz who had incredible battles with Edge and Christian over their years in WWE together. As rumors fly about the “Broken Universe” heading to WWE for the first time, Edge feels as if it could be very successful.

“Crazier things have worked on that mainstream of scale… wrestling is all about reinvention, and if you don’t reinvent yourself, you’re going to get stagnant and people are going to get bored. I think back to when I came back from my first neck surgery and I came back as the babyface that I was when I left. I went into my hometown of Toronto with the IC title against Jericho and Batista and got booed.”

During their different runs in WWE, Matt and Jeff Hardy pretty much kept the same gimmick that made them so successful early on in their careers. They even took that same gimmick to TNA Impact Wrestling, but then, they came up with the Broken Hardys and everything changed.

Christian pointed out that they took a big risk and it worked for them.

“It’s all about reinventing yourself. You could probably be The Hardy Boyz, stick your two fingers up, make that ride from town to town and hope that people follow along with that nostalgia. Instead, they’ve taken the bull by the horns and reinvented themselves and stayed current, stayed fresh and keep people talking, and that’s what it’s all about.”

The only obstacle that may keep them from bringing the “Broken” gimmick to WWE is if TNA Impact Wrestling continues to bring legal battles against them. As reported by Cageside Seats, the promotion has recently added the trademark symbol to every Broken Matt Hardy title on YouTube to let the world know they believe it is their property.

wwe news edge christian broken hardy matt jeff return
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Reinventing yourself and changing your entire gimmick after already becoming successful with another one is quite risky. As Edge told Forbes, though, the Hardy Boyz are smart enough to do it and they have done it well.

“Matt and Jeff are smart enough, particularly Matt—who is very hands-on with all of the incarnations of his character—to try stuff. I haven’t seen a whole lot of it, I’ve seen a couple of things and I thought it was hilarious and awesome.”

Everything seems to be in place for the return of the Hardy Boyz to WWE after a long time away, but when will it actually happen? New contracts are on the table for Matt and Jeff, but there is no way of knowing if they’ve yet accepted and signed them. Edge and Christian feel that it is inevitable they’ll head back to where it all started for them and they’d love to see them make their next debut under the “Broken” Hardys gimmick, but that may have a lot to do with TNA Impact Wrestling.

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