Melania At Mar-a-Lago, Trump At Trump Golf Club For Visit No. 12 To Golf Course

Melania At Mar-a-Lago, Trump At Trump Golf Club For Visit No. 12 To Golf Course

President Donald Trump did not take a trip to Mar-a-Lago this weekend, however, according to The Hill, President Trump traveled to Trump International Golf Club in Virginia on Saturday. Mr. Trump reportedly conducted meetings on Saturday, and the publication did not yet publish photos of President Trump playing golf, but they noted how often Mr. Trump criticized former President Obama for his weekend golfing excursions. In the wake of Trump’s “Trumpcare” healthcare bill getting pulled prior to a planned vote, Mr. Trump and others are reeling in the wake of the shocking result of the failure on the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare immediately.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump spent time at Mar-a-Lago, as reported by The Hill, with Mrs. Trump making a brief appearance at a GOP fundraiser.

Melania made the appearance at the VIP reception prior to the GOP dinner, which was also attended by Florida Governor Rick Scott. As Mr. Trump held his Saturday meetings at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, it wasn’t known beforehand that Mrs. Trump would make an appearance at the Lincoln Day Dinner.

Mrs. Trump’s cameo at the Palm Beach County Republican Party dinner happened on Friday evening, reported the Palm Beach Post.

The press pool reports did not make it clear who was meeting with President Trump. However, it has been noted how often Mr. Trump has visited golf courses since he became president. As reported by NBC News, the trip on Saturday to the Trump International Golf Club in Virginia was Mr. Trump’s trip No. 12 to a golf course since he was inaugurated in January.

The trip to the Trump International Golf Club in Virginia represents President Trump’s eighth weekend in a row that Mr. Trump has made a visit to a Trump-owned property.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the dinner wherein Melania made a cameo appearance featured approximately 700 people who paid $300 and more to attend the GOP dinner. As a result, the dinner was anticipated to bring in about $300,000 — with the cost of Trump’s ballroom rental landing at $150,000 or so.

Melania only spent a few minutes at the event in a pre-dinner VIP reception. The famous YouTube stars “Diamond and Silk” were there. Attendees at Mar-a-Lago saw the Trumpcare bill failure as a temporary setback on Friday evening.

Reactions to Melania and Donald Trump’s activities from social media can be read below. Plenty of comments are flowing into social networking sites about President Trump’s frequent trips to golf clubs.

: “President Trump is now at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, per pool; it’s his 12th golf course trip since taking office nine weeks ago.”

“POTUS went to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia this morning, arriving at 11:01a. Pooler was told Trump has meetings.”

: “Why are American Taxpayers Footing the Bill for Trump’s Failed Marriage? 30M per Month for Melania to stay in NY!

“I realize this isn’t a yuge priority but it’s pretty crazy that Melania lives in NY & Trump never sees her or his kid & ppl are fine w it.”

“After 37 min motorcade from WH, Pres Trump has arrived at his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. At Golf Club, press pool told Pres Trump having meetings. Hasn’t been told if he’ll be playing golf. WH resists discussing his golf outings.”

“For the 12th time, Trump is golfing at one of his golf courses. All at taxpayer expense. And Taxes paid for Melania’s trip to Florida.”

“Trump believes in the free market as long it’s his free market. His green fees only goes to Trump golf courses.”

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