Matt Jordan faces legal charges after his brawl with Peter Thomas

‘RHOA’ Drama: Warrant Issued For Matt Jordan For Violent Fight With Peter Thomas

A warrant has been issued for Matt Jordan, as a result of a Tuesday brawl with fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Peter Thomas, according to All About The Tea.

It’s not a secret that Peter and Matt are not fond of each other. On Tuesday, they appeared on a radio show in North Carolina, and it quickly turned violent. According to Thomas, Matt threw a water bottle at him, then charged at him. Jordan thought he could over power him because he is much larger than Peter. As it turns out, Peter was the stronger man and won the brawl.

The RHOA drama didn’t stop there, according to TMZ. It was so bad between them that the cops were called and they asked Peter if he wanted to press assault charges. Of course, Thomas pressed charges, and now Matt has a legal mess to clean up.

The bad news for RHOA fans is the interview wasn’t live, so it probably won’t be aired. Peter claimed that Matt immediately had his attorney take the interview tape, so it won’t “accidentally” air. Thomas claims his lawyer is trying to get his hands on a copy of the video to publish on social media.

Mecklenburg County issued an assault warrant on March 22, the same day of the radio interview. In addition to the above warrant, Jordan has two other warrants that were issued in August 2016.

One of the warrants stems from Peter Thomas’ Club One grand opening in Charlotte in August of 2016. Apparently, Jordan assaulted a limo driver that was driving Kenya Moore to the club’s grand opening, and the driver pressed charges. Bravo camera caught the whole exchange on video.

Anthony Greene, the limo driver, stated, “I was driving Ms. Moore to Peter Thomas’ grand opening at Club One. ”

“A black SUV rolled up and this big guy came out and started walking towards the truck. I rolled up the window on him and that’s when he punched me in the face. Kenya screamed and he ran back into his truck and sped off. That’s when the police arrived.”

Eventually, Matt apologized to Greene, but the limo driver decided to press charges for assault, All About the Tea explained. Just a few hours after the incident, Jordan was accused of damaging Kenya’s garage, security cameras, and vehicle. Moore told the cops that Matt was upset about their breakup.

As a result of the limo driver assault, Matt received two more warrants. One was a communicating threat and the other for simple assault.

Peter went on record with his take on what happened in the radio interview. According to an eyewitness, Thomas pulled a knife during the incident and he threatened to use it. Peter’s account did not mention any knife, but Thomas stated he hopes the video of the fight will be leaked soon.

RHOA fans suggested that Peter’s account may not be completely accurate. They mentioned that Thomas likes to exaggerate the truth and the fact he pressed charges seemed to imply that the fight may not have gone his way.

Even so, Peter Thomas claims he won the fight and wants the RHOA fans to see the fight, but Jordan has possession of the tape that captured the exchange. He also hopes that Matt Jordan serves some time for this because his violent behavior has to stop.

Peter stated that he will not drop charges and hope to see Jordan pay for his actions.

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans, Will Matt Jordan final pay for his violent behavior? Will Peter Thomas ever get possession of the radio interview video?

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