Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump will work with Trump in the White House

Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka Annoying Neighbors As White House Role Grows

While the nation is still divided over whether Donald Trump is a good president, people who live in the area of Washington where Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her family live are certain that Trump’s daughter is not a good neighbor. NBC News reports that living next door to Ivanka Trump, her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three children, is no picnic.

Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump
Donald Trump’s news that his daughter Ivanka Trump will play a role in his administration is disturbing to many analysts. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

According to those who live in the wealthy Washington community of Kalorama, trying to carry on the business of daily life has been rendered nearly impossible by the addition of Trump’s daughter to the neighborhood.

Marti Robinson lives across the street from the First Daughter and said it’s “been a three-ring circus from the day that they’ve moved in.” Robinson doesn’t have a good word to say for her new neighbors.

“They’ve completely ruined the neighborhood.”

The ritzy “enclave of four- and five-story town homes and elegant single-family properties” is home to many well-known celebrities and politicians. Since last year’s election when Donald Trump became president, and Barack Obama moved out of the White House, the Obama family have lived in the community. Other residents include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Even though the Secret Service have “closed off their entire block” where the Obama family live and no traffic is allowed there, that action hasn’t irritated other residents the way Donald Trump’s daughter has.

Residents say it’s not just the security detail for Donald Trump’s daughter that gets on their nerves, although the constant and increasing presence of Secret Service SUVs on the block of the Northwest Washington zip code is causing turmoil.

Robinson says that the security for Obama and the Tillerson is different because the Obamas are the family of a former president, and the unobtrusive orange cones outside Tillerson’s house are at least there for a currently serving member of the government. She and other residents don’t understand why such a high level of conspicuous security is necessary for a First Daughter.

“Are you kidding me? This is the adult child of the president. Sometimes there are 10 cars out here.”

The Washington Post reported that another long-time resident who lives almost directly across from Ivanka Trump was happy enough to welcome Donald Trump’s daughter and White House assistant to the community when Ivanka and Jared first arrived. Although Ivanka didn’t answer Rhona Friedman’s handwritten note of welcome, Friedman didn’t take the oversight personally.

When no-parking signs started popping up on the street to accommodate the black security vehicles, and more and more vans took over the premium parking spaces outside private homes, Friedman, an attorney, became more annoyed.

“I started screaming.”

Ivanka Trump’s “voluntary” role in Donald Trump’s administration means that it’s important for her to be close to her father so that she can help act as his “eyes and ears.” The Business Insider wrote that Ivanka is set to take on an expanded, though unpaid, list of duties for President Trump. Twitter is filled with comments from people who don’t agree that the First Daughter qualifies as voluntary since she spends taxpayers money even if she doesn’t receive a salary from Donald Trump.

Her new home is close enough to the White House that Ivanka can easily go back and forth as needed.

Ivanka Trump will be Donald Trump's eyes and ears.
Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, both work in Trump’s administration. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

The neighbors understand the convenience of the location is important to Ivanka, but they wish Donald Trump’s daughter would have as much consideration for their convenience. There are also extensive complaints about uncollected trash from the Trump home, and excessive noise.

Ivanka appears to be unaware that there’s a problem if an official statement made through an aide is anything to go by.

“We love the neighborhood and our family has received an incredibly gracious welcome from our neighbors.”

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