The Walking Dead Season 7

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Did Norman Reedus Spoil Who Kills Negan?

Warning: This article may contain The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers.

Will The Walking Dead Season 7 viewers do a jig after watching the season finale? If they do, they’ll have the same reaction as series stars Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Norman Reedus (Daryl).

Lincoln recently told Entertainment Weekly that he got his dancing shoes on after reading the final script of the season.

“Wait till [episode] 16. I promise you, there is one beat in 16, I dropped my script and started punching the air and did a little jig.”

And in a new interview with Norman Reedus, EW asked the actor what was so uplifting about the finale that Lincoln felt he had to bust some moves.

The Walking Dead Season 7
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“I think he likes to do little jigs here and there,” Reedus said of his co-star. “But I get it. I did the same thing when I read that one.”

Almost all fans agree that The Walking Dead Season 7 has been the most depressing and violent in the show’s history, beginning with Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) brutal killings of Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) in the season premiere. So what happens in the finale that’s so awesome? Reedus kept talking.

“I was like, yes, let’s get back to it! It’s nice to finally let a window open up in this room and let some of this air out of here, and it’s nice to get some freedom and some dirt underneath your feet and start running towards killing this guy.”

So wait, does Daryl kill Negan?

If he does, it’s not likely to happen in the finale, as Jeffrey Dean Morgan is signed for The Walking Dead Season 8. However, his stay could be short-lived. Maybe Negan dies as quickly as Glenn and Abraham did in the first episode of Season 7, or perhaps he makes it to the midway point like the Governor (David Morrissey) did back in Season 4.

While The Walking Dead Season 7 finale may not feature Negan’s death, Norman Reedus indicated the episode is still amazing and unlike what viewers have seen before.

“It’s completely different than all the other ones. It has similar elements, but it’s completely different, and, you know, there might be a little William Wallace in it.”

Speaking of the Season 7 finale, The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple recently dropped some hints about the last episode to EW.

“[The Season 6 finale] was the noose tightening and things getting darker and darker,” he said. “This season’s finale has darkness and light, real horrific moments, betrayal, and real moments of beauty, redemption, love and friendship. It’s sort of the panoply of human and Walking Dead experience.”

The Walking Dead Season 7
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Gimple also said the momentum from The Walking Dead Season 7 bleeds into Season 8.

“We step on the gas and we do not let our foot off the gas until the end of episode 16,” he explained. “Although because I’m working on season 8 now, the foot is on the gas again! I mean, the next three episodes we’re going to shoot you through a lot of big events and things become quantum intense.”

While The Walking Dead Season 7 finale won’t be as gut-wrenching as the Season 6 finale, Gimple warns viewers that there still may be some casualties among the disparate groups in Alexandria, the Hilltop, Oceanside, the Sanctuary, the junkyard and the Kingdom.

“Well, there are losses,” Gimple said. “As the stakes get higher and higher… things start to get more intense and heartbreaking, and yet everyone has to sort of band together and keep going.”

What have you thought of the second half of The Walking Dead Season 7. Are you looking forward to the finale? Who do you think will kill Negan?

The Walking Dead Season 7 finale airs April 2 on AMC.

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