Josh Duggar served new papers in Ashley Madison lawsuit.

Josh Duggar Served With Ashley Madison Lawsuit Papers Amid News Of New Baby

Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting a new baby in the wake of his cheating and molestation scandals, but that didn’t stop him from being served with court papers related to a pending Ashley Madison lawsuit. For those who are unaware, just months after the public shaming that accompanied his admission that he’d molested several younger sisters and a neighbor girl, Josh Duggar got caught up in the Ashley Madison hacking scandal. Ashley Madison, a website catering to facilitating extramarital affairs, found its membership lists leaked to the public.

And super-conservative Josh Duggar was found to be among the men who utilized the cheating website. In fact, as People reported, at the time of the Ashley Madison scandal, Josh Duggar was even a lobbyist for the Family Research Council. The Council, a conservative Christian organization with a mission of advocating for “family values,” cut ties with Josh and blasted his “lack of integrity” after his public admission that he had cheated on his wife, sought out prostitutes and become addicted to pornography while publicly proclaiming to be a faithful Christian family man.

“Last night we learned from online reports about allegations concerning Josh Duggar and then read his confession today. We are grieved by Josh’s conduct and the devastating impact of his pornography addiction and marital unfaithfulness. Our hearts hurt for his family, and all those affected by Josh’s actions. His deceitful behavior harms his family, his friends, his former coworkers, and the cause he has publicly espoused. Those of us who advocate for family values in the public square are held to a higher standard, and Josh’s failures serve as a painful reminder of the destructive effects of not living with integrity. We are praying for the family.”

Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison exploits were so scandalous that it was even reported that he paid the cheating website an extra $249 for a “cheating guarantee.” Supposedly, the amount would ensure that Duggar would have an affair within three months.

As the Daily Mail reported, Josh Duggar’s use of an Ashley Madison account involved a lot of secrecy and allegedly the theft of someone else’s appearance to hide his true identity. That person is Matthew McCarthy, a 29-year-old Los Angeles DJ who claims that in addition to stealing his face to be used in his OK Cupid (and other) dating profile, Josh Duggar’s cheating website account caused him to lose work and money, as well as be “publicly ridiculed.”

In a lawsuit filed last year, McCarthy sued Josh Duggar, seeking an undisclosed amount in damages related to the reality TV stars alleged use of his portrait, a photograph apparently ripped off from the Internet at random. Now, nearly two years after the molestation and Ashley Madison cheating scandals that caused the cancellation of his family’s TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting, Josh Duggar is really going to have to face the music.

As InTouch reported, Josh Duggar was served a summons in the Ashley Madison lawsuit, having been tracked down at his used car dealership not far from his Arkansas home. According to the documents, Duggar will have to physically appear in a Los Angeles courtroom in May. The news could spell devastating effects for the entire Duggar clan. That’s because lawyers for Matthew McCarthy will now be able to depose not just Josh, but other members of his family who may have been involved with his admitted teenage sexual assaults.

Perhaps in an attempt to sweep the civil Ashley Madison summons under the rug, just four days after Josh Duggar was served, the Duggar family took to their popular website to announce that Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their fifth child. “Beauty comes from ashes,” the pair claimed as they touted their newly-rebuilt family commitment in the wake of Josh Duggar’s horrific sexual admissions.

“As we continue our journey as a family and rebuild our lives, we are delighted to share with you that we are expecting a new baby boy later this year…Beauty comes from ashes and we cannot wait to see and kiss the face of this sweet new boy!”

In the immediate aftermath of his cheating and sexual assault revelations, Josh Duggar headed to a Christian rehabilitation facility in September 2015; according to the oldest Duggar son, he was suffering from sex addiction. Josh remained holed up in the sketchy “treatment center” until April 2016, and shortly after coming home, he received news that he was being sued for allegedly stealing DJ McCarthy’s likeness.

According to a source close to the Duggar family, the elder Duggars (Josh’s mom and dad Jim Bob and Michelle) are terrified of potential revelations that depositions in this civil matter could bring to light.

“This legal case is the Duggars worst nightmare. Josh and his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, are terrified of what this lawsuit will do to the Duggars’ already tarnished reputation – and how many secrets will come spilling out.”

As for Anna, Josh Duggar’s perpetually suffering wife (who had been rumored to be seeking a divorce prior to the couple’s marriage announcement), the same source claims she wants nothing to do with secrets and scandals apparently holed up in the Duggar family past.

“Anna does not want to be there when the family’s filthiest secrets are unearthed.”

Despite the family’s well-founded fears, it doesn’t appear that there’s much that they can do to avoid the impending media circus that will surely surround the Josh Duggar Ashley Madison trial; as per the summons Josh was recently served, the court battle is scheduled for May.

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