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‘Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn Lowry Is Writing A Book About 3rd Baby Daddy, See Baby Bump

Kailyn Lowry is writing a third book and in it, the Teen Mom 2 star will reportedly discuss her decision to get pregnant with the baby of a mystery man.

Weeks after confirming her baby news with a blog post to fans, the longtime reality star confirmed she has signed a deal to write a new book about her highly-criticized decision to expand her family just months after announcing her divorce from Javi Marroquin.

“I will be telling my story of how I ended up pregnant and about my baby’s father, but, no, I will not be revealing his name,” she explained in a statement to Real Mr. Housewife on March 23. “It’s a story about the baby and heartbreak… It’s basically a novel.”

Kailyn Lowry also added that her new book will be “based on a true story.”

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Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin tied the knot in 2012 and began to experience marital turmoil as they filmed Teen Mom 2 a short while later. Although Kailyn Lowry and her former husband’s relationship appeared to improve months after they first began facing troubles, they faced more hardships after Lowry suffered a miscarriage in late 2015.

After first claiming her husband wasn’t as supportive as he should have been during the heartbreaking time, Kailyn Lowry revealed she was no longer open to expanding her family. Instead, she explained, she preferred to focus her energy on her career.

“I was filmed on the show saying I didn’t want any more kids but I’m pregnant again. I know so many will have comments on this but here’s the thing — I didn’t want to bring another child into a failing marriage,” Kailyn Lowry explained after confirming her baby news last month.

Following her announcement, many fans online accused Kailyn Lowry of cheating on Marroquin — and of getting pregnant while married. However, Kailyn Lowry confirmed her plans for divorce in May of last year, months before she and her mystery man conceived a child. While Kailyn Lowry’s divorce wasn’t finalized until the end of last year, she and Marroquin’s marriage was far gone at the time she became pregnant.

As for what made Kailyn Lowry change her mind about having children, the reality star cited health complications.

“Shortly after I started having complications, the option of having more kids was almost taken away from me. When I started thinking long and hard, I knew I wanted more,” she said. “This was the choice I made. This is the baby I thought I wasn’t sure if I could have.”

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“I know this isn’t an ideal situation but I know everything will be okay,” Kailyn Lowry added. “Having another child is something I am so happy about and I just can’t wait.”

Kailyn Lowry has told fans that she has no intentions of naming her baby’s daddy until she is ready, but there have been several reports linking Chris Lopez to her. Although the rumored former couple hasn’t said anything about the possibility of Lopez having fathered Lowry’s child, he sparked rumors in January when he tweeted about his miracle child — and Lowry favorited the tweet.

Lopez’s tweet made the rounds for weeks after Lowry’s pregnancy was announced but at some point after fans noticed the possible link between Lopez and Lowry’s third child, he suspiciously removed the tweet fro his page.

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