Selena Gomez has no plans to release new music

Why Selena Gomez Won’t Release New Music Anytime Soon

Selena Gomez is admitting that she has no plans to release more new music anytime soon, just weeks after dropping “It Ain’t Me” with Kygo.

Selena made the surprising confession that more new music won’t be following her recent collaboration in a new interview anytime soon, as she revealed that she’s not even working on music right now as she shifts her focus to more important things, including her personal life.

Selena admitted that new music isn’t the highest thing on her priority list during a recent segment for The Today Show, as Billboard reported that Gomez hinted that she’s just not passionate about music right now.

Claiming that Selena is “putting a pause” on new music just weeks after the release of her latest single, which is currently climbing the charts around the world, Gomez revealed during a trip to a Los Angeles high school on March 23 that she’s instead “taking time to have a personal life.”

“I’m doing things that I love that I’m passionate about that I care about,” Selena said when discussing her new music plans this week. “It just makes me happy,” Gomez added.

Gomez made the new music confession while practicing what she’s been preaching, as the star was making a very special appearance at a local high school at the time in association with the Step Up Foundation as she attempted to spread the organization’s mantra of “empowerment and fulfilling one’s potential” to students.

Selena Gomez isn't planning to release new music anytime soon
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The news that Selena doesn’t have a new album to follow the release of “It Ain’t Me” will likely come as blow to fans of Gomez, as it was revealed last year by Harper’s Bazaar in December that the star was back in the studio and working with Justin Tranter, who Selena worked with for her 2015 album Revival.

But this isn’t the first time Selena has admitted in recent weeks that her music career and a new album isn’t her priority.

Selena Gomez previously hinted earlier this month that she has no plans to put any new music out there just yet, revealing during her cover shoot for the April 2017 issue of Vogue magazine that she’s just not feeling the desire to get creative and put out a new album right now.

“I love what I do, and I’m aware of how lucky I am, but, how can I say this without sounding weird?” Gomez asked of her career. “I just really can’t wait for people to forget about me.”

Gomez then went on to admit in the candid new interview that she’s not inclined to put out new music and seek the public’s approval, though Gomez didn’t reveal if she plans to return to acting in the meantime.

“For a change, it feels like I don’t have to be holding my breath and waiting for somebody to judge a piece of work that I’m doing,” Selena said after admitting in the pages of the latest issue of the high-fashion magazine that she’s ready to be forgotten. “I’m not eager to chase a moment. I don’t think there’s a moment for me to chase,” continued Gomez.

Why Selena Gomez won't release new music soon
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But it’s not only new music that Selena isn’t exactly passionate about right now, as Gomez also confirmed to the magazine that she has no plans to continue on with the “Revival Tour” dates she canceled last year after Us Weekly reported that Selena entered rehab for several weeks to treat her lupus.

“Tours are a really lonely place for me,” Selena said of why she decided to cancel more than 30 shows across the globe in 2016, cutting her “Revival Tour” seriously short as she sought help. “My self-esteem was shot. I was depressed, anxious.”

“I’ve cried onstage more times than I can count, and I’m not a cute crier,” Gomez then added of how she would break down on stage during her most recent tour.

What do you think of Selena Gomez’s confessions that she’s not working on, and has no plans to release, new music anytime soon?

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