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Katy Perry, John Mayer Reconcile: Why She’s Reportedly Giving Him Another Chance

Katy Perry is strongly hinting that she wants to get back with ex-boyfriend John Mayer, it has bene reported.

The couple, who haven’t been romantically linked in years, are said to be talking to one another again, and that just weeks after Katy Perry confirmed reports that she was no longer seeing Orlando Bloom, who she continues to remain friends with.

Her breakup with Bloom stemmed around the supposed fact that the actor didn’t want to progress with the relationship when Katy Perry mentioned the idea of getting married and having kids, so the twosome decided to go their separate ways.

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After their split, it just so happened that John Mayer allegedly felt comfortable enough to make it known he still has feelings for Katy Perry, even though they haven’t been together in almost three years.

Mayer has already admitted that songs on his new album, The Search For Everything, are very much inspired by Katy, including “Still Feel Like Your Man.”

“It’s a testament to the fact that I have not dated a lot of people in the last five, six years. That was my only relationship. So it’s like, give me this, people,” Mayer explained in a recent interview, admitting that his feelings for Katy Perry are just as strong as when they were still together.

So, would Katy Perry consider the idea of potentially reconciling with her ex-boyfriend?

According to Hollywood Life, the twosome has already been speaking to one another in recent weeks, which strongly hints at the idea that Katy Perry is interested in seeing where a potential reunion takes their relationship, a source notes.

“John and Katy have been talking a lot lately. She’s told him she still loves him, but she’s still very hesitant to give him another chance. She’s afraid of getting hurt by him again. John is a very persistent guy, though, and usually gets what he wants, so I wouldn’t rule it out.”

It’s unclear whether Katy Perry would entertain the idea of getting back with John Mayer at this given point since she’s just months away from releasing her forthcoming album.

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if she was to get back with John, it would be at a more convenient time because Katy Perry already knows that she won’t have time for Mayer as much as she would like to, but the fact that they are already back on speaking terms is a huge sign that Katy wants to give their romance another shot.

Their split came about when multiple outlets, including Celebuzz, had claimed John Mayer cheated on Katy Perry. While neither of the two ever commented on the allegations, the singer wasted no time to pack up her belongings and remove them from Mayer’s home in Los Angeles, giving the impression that there was some truth behind the claims.

If Katy Perry reconciles with John, it would seemingly mean that she has forgiven his alleged cheating ways and that this would more or less be considered a new beginning for them.

Seeing that Mayer has dedicated songs to Perry on his new album, it’s evidently clear that he feels remorseful about his actions and how they have hurt Katy in the past. He acknowledges that the split was caused on his end and that if she can find it in herself to forgive him, it’d be a decision she won’t ever regret.

What do you make of John Mayer wooing Katy Perry over again? Do you think that Katy should entertain the idea of giving her ex-boyfriend another chance, especially now that she’s so busy with the forthcoming release of her new album?

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