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Brad Pitt Reunites With Old Friends Angelina Jolie Shunned Him From Amid Divorce

Brad Pitt has reconciled with many of his Hollywood pals now that he’s no longer with Angelina Jolie, it has been claimed.

The A-list actor has reached out and reconciled with some of the people he was once extremely close to, but due to Angelina Jolie’s alleged wishes, Brad Pitt distanced himself from them in order to focus more of his time on his wife and their children, Celeb Dirty Laundry alleges.

According to the report, Jolie didn’t want Brad Pitt spending time with some of the people he had been friends with well before he even started dating Angelina. For the sake of their marriage and their family, however, Brad Pitt complied and agreed to distance himself from those Angie didn’t approve of, the source adds.

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Of course, since Angie’s divorce filing in September, Brad Pitt has more or less tried to get back in touch with those he has shunned in favor of his marriage to Jolie, and from what insiders have gathered, Brad has been welcomed with open arms.

Those closest to Brad Pitt understand his struggle and his grief dealing with the aftermath of going through a public divorce that even the actor didn’t see coming. As previously revealed, Pitt was not even aware of the fact that Angelina had plans to divorce him, and he certainly didn’t expect her to fight for full custody of all six children.

Brad is grateful for those that have supported him despite his sudden absence in their lives. Old friends that he was very close to prior to Angelina Jolie’s alleged demands to have them cut off are still supporting Brad Pitt; they are just happy that their good pal is back in contact with them.

CDL reports, “While Angelina has made it no secret that she struggles to find good female friends in her life, Brad used to have close friendships with George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Sting. Some fans even believe that Angelina probably tried to distance Brad from his pals for reasons only she knows.”

Furthermore, People then goes on to back up those claims by saying, “He often has friends over. Old friends are back in his life and he seems happy about it.”

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While Brad Pitt has kept a very low profile in recent months, he’s surrounded by nothing but love and support from friends and family, who are helping him get through the toughest time of his life.

Brad is currently caught up fighting the forthcoming custody battle against Angelina, who has made it no secret that she wants to be the main guardian of the kids with the off-chance that Brad Pitt can be awarded visitation rights that are maintained under her approval, it’s been said.

Of course, being the doting father that he is, Brad Pitt has not complied with those demands — while he may have shunned his former friends for the sake of keeping his relationship with Angelina intact, Brad refuses to give up his rights to spend quality time with his kids as an active father.

News of Brad Pitt reconciling with some of his best buddies comes just weeks after reports claimed the Hollywood star has also been in touch with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston who has shared her concerns with her former partner, allegedly telling him that she is also supporting him through his divorce and custody war with Jolie.

Hollywood stars have more or less come together to make it known to Brad Pitt that they stand beside him, knowing very well that the man they’ve known for more than a decade is far from the person he’s been portrayed to be by the media, who’ve brought up claims concerning things including child, alcohol, and substance abuse.

Do you think Brad Pitt will win the custody battle against Jolie?

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