Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Emerge Again

Kate Middleton Pregnant? Royal Confirmation Not True, Says Fact Checker

Is Kate Middleton pregnant again? A number of rumors about the Duchess of Cambridge have emerged in the course of a year but nothing came close to how much people talked about her supposed third pregnancy.

In the past few months, Princess Kate has been the talk of the town as the life of a celebrity—a royal one at that—continues to trail her wherever she went. During mid-2016, reports emerged claiming that the Duchess was carrying her third child with Prince William, something that has never been confirmed.

A few months after, questions about whether she was pregnant with a third royal baby plagued the internet until it finally simmering down as 2017 began. Now, it seems as though speculations about the Duchess of Cambridge have risen yet again.

A report from Hollywood Life citing claims from Star magazine states that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third baby at the age of 35. According to the report, the couple announced the pregnancy with the rest of the royal family.

“George and Kate practiced his announcement together the night before,” Star magazine’s source claimed.

“It ended up being incredibly sweet. George approached his great-grandmother and exclaimed that he had a secret to share. The room went quiet when he said that ‘mummy has a new bubby in her tummy!'”

After hearing the news, the Queen reportedly ordered that they have a champagne toast to celebrate the news and “was delightedly hugging Kate.”

The so-called palace insider further noted how Kate was “beaming from ear to ear” and is glowing because of the pregnancy which, the article implies, is already three months pregnant. The article continues to note that Prince William and Princess Kate are very happy about the pregnancy after experiencing “false hopes” in 2016.

“After false pregnancy hopes toward the end of last year, Kate, 35, and William, 34, are on cloud nine right now.”

Aside from that, the anonymous royal insiders further claimed that the pregnancy was the reason why she allowed Prince William to go on the controversial ski trip where he received backlash for questionable behavior that inadvertently exposed Kate and their marriage.

“It was actually Kate who insisted he go on one last boys’ vacation before focusing on the new baby. It’s just a shame it looked like he was having too much fun and absconding from his duties,” the source claimed.

“Who could have known he may have simply been celebrating his wife’s third pregnancy?”

But, as good as this news may sound, fact checking website Gossip Cop ultimately debunked this report, saying that the Palace never confirmed Kate Middleton pregnant rumors.

Citing a similar report from the same magazine, the outlet noted how outrageous the Star magazine cover story sounds.

“Of course, this cover story doesn’t make any sense when considered alongside an October one that said Middleton was ‘four months pregnant.’ If that was the case, how could she possibly now be expecting a baby due this September?” Gossip Cop noted.

According to the site, the timeline stated in the articles is very questionable as the previous one published mid-2016 claimed that she is already four months in gestation, suggesting that Kate Middleton has been pregnant for over a year now.

But that is not the biggest lie the fact-checking website caught Star magazine spreading. Apparently, the magazine claims that Kate Middleton’s pregnancy is already confirmed by the Palace whereas Gossip Cop was “exclusively told” by “trusted royal insiders” that there was no confirmation whatsoever.

To top that off, recent images and videos of the Duchess show an apparent absence of a baby bump.

Is Kate Middleton pregnant? The answer is a resounding “no” but we would still want to hear what you think about this rehashed rumor via the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images]