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Angelina Jolie Allegedly Calling Off Brad Pitt Divorce, Custody Battle

Is Angelina Jolie calling off her divorce and custody case now that she is said to be on better terms with Brad Pitt?

According to Hollywood Life, the relationship between Angelina Jolie and her estranged husband has been much better as of late, with the couple finally being able to communicate other than through mediators and supervisors.

When Brad was first given the chance to see his children again, following Angelina’s divorce filing in September, Pitt was not speaking to the actress, completely distraught and heartbroken by the news that Angelina was separating herself from the 53-year-old and ultimately wanted out of the marriage.

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The news took Brad by surprise because Angelina Jolie had given so signs that she no longer saw a future with Pitt, and the supposed fact that she then made it known that she was allegedly wanted full custody of all six children only made things worse for the duo.

It certainly seemed like things were only getting worse for Angelina Jolie and Brad as neither one of them could come to some sort of resolution to the problems that suddenly arose after the divorce announcement.

Hollywood Life now claims that things have drastically improved. Angelina Jolie is determined to fix her relationship with Brad, whether that means remaining as a married couple or effectively co-parenting their kids together — the feuding is pointless on both ends, they have children to think about.

“There was a point where their relationship was so contentious that it didn’t look like they would ever be civil to one and other again. Things calmed down once Angie eased up and started letting Brad in more. They have amazing chemistry, that’s for sure, and under the right circumstances they could definitely hook up again.”

The source is rather vague regarding the possible chance that Angelina Jolie and Brad could potentially reconcile, not mentioning much about the potential reason why this could be the case.

Of course, fans can keep Angelina Jolie’s recent comments in mind when trying to comprehend the idea that the actress may end up reconciling with Brad. In an interview just over a month ago, Jolie expressed to BBC that she and Brad will always be a family and that they were actively working on a better future for their children.

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With that in mind, it helps get an insight to Hollywood Life’s claims that there’s a possible chance that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will share an unexpected reunion, one that’s strongly driven around their love for their children.

“Angie and Brad have six little bundles of joy connecting them for life, so they are connected no matter what,” the insider adds. “Whether they could ever regain the trust they have lost is another thing altogether. That may be a tough one to overcome.”

Angelina Jolie has yet to call off her divorce plans while her plans to obtain full custody of all the kids has yet to be called off.

Both Jolie and Brad have been very quiet in recent weeks regarding what the future holds for them and their children, but if the couple has worked out their issues in private and does plan to reconcile in the near future, it would evidently save Angelina and Brad $10 million in lawyer fees.

Last month, it was claimed that the two were heading for a divorce and custody battle that would easily have gone down as one of the priciest court cases Hollywood has seen in years, keeping in mind that the $10 million would only cover the fees for the custody war case, not the divorce itself.

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