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Angelina Jolie Reportedly Dating Amid Brad Pitt Custody War: Has She Moved On?

Angelina Jolie is looking for love amid her custody battle with Brad Pitt, it has been claimed.

Angelina Jolie, who filed for divorce back in September, is more than ready to move on with her life, having allegedly stressed that she’s ready to start dating again and potentially find herself a man that she can see herself settling down with in the near future.

Her custody battle with Brad is still ongoing, so that’s still her main focus, for the time being, Hollywood Life alleges, but further down the line, Angelina Jolie will want to start dating again — she’s been single for half a year and she certainly misses having a partner in her life.

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Taking care of six children is quite a challenge, and while Angelina loves her kids more than anything, she would like to switch off from being a mother every now and then to spend some quality time with a man who makes her feel just as loved as her children.

“Angelina [Jolie] has many interests and many concerns in life and is mostly concerned with being a mom first, but she is also human and like everyone else she wants to be in love,” a source reveals.

“There is nobody in particular on the radar, but she is allowing herself to have all options open as she begins to dive into a future romantic life.”

News of Angelina Jolie’s plans to potentially find herself a new man in the near future comes just days after In Touch had claimed that the actress was trying her best to prevent her children from being anywhere near Jennifer Aniston.

As of late, several outlets have alleged that Pitt and Aniston have reconciled and formed somewhat of a friendship. Jennifer has supposedly been supporting Brad with his divorce from Angelina Jolie, which ignited in an unexpected reunion between the two — but Jen is said to be supportive of the situation and has reached out to her ex-husband on multiple occasions, the outlet claims.

When Angelina Jolie reportedly found out about Brad’s reconciliation with his former partner, the 41-year-old made it known that she never wants to hear that Aniston has been spending time with her kids while they were visiting their father.

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It’s become one of Angelina Jolie’s biggest worries, with one source revealing that the idea of Brad and the children spending time with Jennifer would totally freak Angie out.

“As Angie and Brad’s divorce talks continue, she’s demanding that Brad agree to never have their children around Jen. Brad thinks the request is off the wall and irrational. He isn’t going to cave in to Angie’s ridiculous demand… Angie is the one who filed for divorce, not him. And she will have to live with the consequences.”

Having previously said that she and Brad will continue to remain a family, Angelina Jolie’s actions speak otherwise, as she’s still said to be trying to win full custody of all six children, insinuating that Pitt is unfit to care for the kids the way that she does.

Brad has since lawyered up, with reports saying that the custody battle the twosome is currently facing could cost them more than $10 million when all is said and done. And the chances of Angelina Jolie walking away with the outcome she is expecting is rather unlikely since there’s not enough evidence backing up her supposed claims that her ex-husband is incapable of caring for his own kids.

What do you think about Angelina Jolie plans to start dating again in the midst of dealing with her custody battle regarding her six children? Furthermore, do you think she stands a chance to win the case?

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