Post Wrestlemania Plans Revealed For AJ Styles

Post-‘Wrestlemania’ Plans Revealed For AJ Styles, Very Exciting Feud Coming Soon

The WWE Universe may not be pleased with AJ Styles facing Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 33, but the fans will be more receptive to what WWE has planned for The Phenomenal One after the grandest stage of them all. It’s not that the WWE Universe doesn’t have loyalty to Shane, but Styles is right when he claims he was the best wrestler in the world last year. Frankly, many WWE fans think AJ is too good for a match.

If the WWE fans had their way, Styles would be a part of the WWE Championship match with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. Because he isn’t, some people would go as far to say that is being wasted at Wrestlemania 33 to carry Shane’s vanity match during WWE’s biggest show of the year. Despite many people being critical of the match, there are many reasons to get excited for Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 33.

Their match will likely have a stipulation, the rivalry has been strong thus far, and it should produce a great match. Most importantly, the expectation is AJ Styles will be getting the win over Shane McMahon. WWE officials would be brave and pull a swerve and have a Shane go over Styles. However, a new report revealing WWE’s post-Wrestlemania plans for Styles have put any rumors about him losing to Shane O’Mac to rest.

Bray Wyatt or Randy Orton Will Be the WWE champion After Wrestlemania 33
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According to a new report, AJ Styles is expected to defeat Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 33. Although there has been some speculation about WWE officials moving him to Raw soon, it seems that Styles will be staying on SmackDown Live for a while longer. In fact, it’s being said that he will be entering the WWE title picture again, which means he should be challenging either Randy Orton or Bray Wyatt after Wrestlemania.

The WWE Universe will be pleased about that. However, there are still a lot of factors regarding the WWE Championship after Wrestlemania. For instance, the fans have been supportive of AJ Styles recently, so will he remain a heel? Also, Orton or Wyatt could walk out of Orlando with the title. Since Styles is walking the line between a face and a heel, that may determine whether WWE chooses Orton or Wyatt to win in their feud.

If WWE officials embrace AJ Styles’ face turn after Wrestlemania, the match with Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship would make more sense. Styles vs. Wyatt would be something new for SmackDown, and the feud would help Bray Wyatt continue cementing himself as a top guy. However, WWE fans had a preview of Orton vs. Styles a few weeks ago. A feud between the two men over the WWE Championship would be great.

AJ Styles vs The Undertaker Has Been Canceled For the WWE Royal Rumble
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The WWE Universe may not love AJ Styles having to carry Shane McMahon through a match, but their feud was never intended to lead to highly technical and proficient wrestling matches. It will be a great story that the WWE fans can get absorbed into on the grandest stage of them all. Shane McMahon is universally loved by the fans, so it’s a great testament to Styles’ talent that many people are siding with him during the feud.

Also, The Phenomenal One being able to work with Shane O’Mac on WWE’s biggest stage will earn him a lot of favor with WWE officials and Vince McMahon. WWE officials won’t forget him having a great match with Shane at Wrestlemania. Not only will he be in the World Title picture, AJ Styles will be the WWE Champion again before the year is over. After Wrestlemania 33, AJ Styles will be in a great position to succeed in 2017.

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