Meek Mill Sex Tape? Nicki Minaj Shown In Explicit Snapchat Video, Rumors Claims

Meek Mill Sex Tape? Nicki Minaj Shown In Explicit Snapchat Video, Rumor Claims

Meek Mill may have released a sex tape showing his former girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, some internet reports have claimed.

This week, a viral video allegedly showed the Philadelphia rapper and an unidentified woman in a sex act. Some reports claim that it is Nicki Minaj shown in the sex tape, though none of that has been substantiated.

In fact, as reports of Meek Mill’s sex tape spread across social media, there was some serious doubts as to whether any part of the video was authentic. Reports claimed that the rapper had posted the video to Snapchat, but others pointed out that Meek Mill didn’t actually have an account on the social media platform.

Others noted that the video itself was a fake, and that neither Meek Mill, nor Nicki Minaj were actually seen in the leaked sex tape.

The alleged sex tape of Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj was a popular topic across social media late this week, but generated only a ripple of coverage across the fringes of the celebrity gossip-sphere. The Couch Potato was one of the sites reporting on the alleged video, claiming that it may have been connected to a threat Meek Mill made to release an explicit video of Nicki Minaj.

“Just a few days ago, Meek, who just recently broke up with Nicki Minaj for good, was threatening to leak a sex tape of the two of them in action. Word in the street is that his team was looking to sell them to Vivid, a leading porn company that releases many celeb videos.”

The former rap super-couple broke up early this year, and both have been largely quiet as they moved on. But Meek Mill did issue what BET noted was a backhanded comment at those gossiping about the relationship and its conclusion.

“[Meek Mill’s] latest breach of silence on the breakup buzz comes in the form of commentary on an Instagram post regarding all of the men who were chatting about Meek and Nicki’s former relationship,” the report noted. “The photo shows a feminine Peter Griffin, from the adult-animated series Family Guy, as he chats on the phone and casually admires his long, pink fingernails. The caption above the meme reads, ‘How y’all n**gas look talking about Meek and Nicki’s relationship!’

“Meek must have seconded the thoughts, as he commented thereafter with, ‘2017 sh**,’ complete with a laughing-face emoji.”

There has since been some more tension, including a pair of alleged diss tracks from the former lovers.

The alleged sex tape showing Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj comes on the heels of a series of explicit videos and images of other celebrities released in the last week. A slew of celebrities, including actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried, and WWE wrestler Paige were targeted, with many responding with threats to take legal action against the people who stole and leaked the private videos and images.

While these celebrities have mostly confirmed their leaks to be authentic, major questions still remain regarding the viral reports of a sex tape featuring Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj. Many have pointed out that there is no evidence to support the claims, no way to identify the people featured in the video, and no corroborating evidence from either rapper to back up the claims.

That hasn’t stopped the rumor from spreading across social media, with many still taking to Twitter and other platforms to share links and images of the alleged Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj sex tape.

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