'Survivor Game-Changers' Malcolm Freberg talks about his shocking exit

‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Malcolm Talks His Shocking Exit, Wants To Return

After one of the most shocking tribal councils in the history of the Survivor’s 17-year run, Malcolm Freberg was booted on Wednesday, March 22, Us Weekly reported.

In case you haven’t seen Wednesday’s episode, don’t read any further — spoilers ahead.

On Wednesday, the two losing tribes were sent to tribal council with the daunting task of voting out one player. The Mana tribe played an idol saving Sierra, voting Malcolm out in one of Survivor‘s most shocking moments.

Freberg said that when he was asked to play Survivor again, he thought it would probably be his last time to play.

“It went through my head that this is probably it for me. Three times is a soft limit on the amount of times people play Survivor. This could have been my last chance.”

Malcolm explained that when he lost his composure as host, Jeff Probst snuffed out his flame; for Malcolm it wasn’t about losing Survivor, it was about something much bigger.

“It was less about the game as it was a chapter of my life coming to a premature end,” Freberg said.

“I’ve been doing this for five years now. I didn’t come into this to be on television. I grew up loving Survivor and I would still be doing everything I did if there were no cameras out there. It’s the only show I’ve ever wanted to do.”

Even after some time, Malcolm isn’t sure what he could have done differently not to get kicked off Survivor. Short of not partnering up with J.T., he believes that this loss was out of his control.

Freberg explains that he felt comfortable with J.T. because they had been spending a lot of time together at the camp. He thought he could trust him, but it turned out that Thomas made a stupid move and cost Malcolm his life in Survivor.

“Producers hinted that we were close in the episode, but really since the moment we swapped and got paired up together, we were bromancing hard, whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears and hanging out on the beach,” the Californian bartender explained.

“It was encouraged by my former tribe mates because we knew we might need J.T. at some point. We were inseparable.So he wasn’t trying to get me out. He wanted them to go for Sandra. He had given the other tribe the golden ticket by telling them we were voting for Sierra. “

Malcolm said that the reason the tribe decided to target Sierra over Brad Culpepper was to keep J.T. happy. Everyone knew that J.T. was close to Brad and voting him out would have put him against the rest of the time.

“We were trying to play to what J.T. wanted, and we knew he wasn’t super tight with Sierra,” Malcolm said. “Also, the thought was that Sierra was the last person on that tribe who was ever going to find an idol.”

Freberg admitted that he believed that someone from his tribe would be going home but he refused to acknowledge that it was going to be him. According to TV Guide, he thought that Sandra would be sent home.

The three-time Survivor player thinks that no one sees Sandra as a threat because he doesn’t see how she can win a third time.

“If you take somebody who already has $2 million, is the jury really going to give her a third million? At no point is Sandra all of a sudden going to start winning immunity challenges. She’s probably not going to find an idol.”

As for if Malcolm Freberg would play Survivor again, he was quick to say he would love the chance. Since this stint was cut so short, if he got the chance, he’d hit the ground running and play as hard as he could.

Survivor fans, would you like to see Malcolm play a fourth time? Do you think J.T. knew that Malcolm was the target?

Survivor airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

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