‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ Recap: Park Hyung Sik, Park Bo Young Almost Kiss

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Korean drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s ratings continue to soar, making it JTBC’s biggest hit till date. The drama has a bit of everything — comedy, crime, romance, action and animated drama — and it balances its light and dark moments without a hitch. It is probably because of these reasons that Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is delivering high ratings.

In Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 9, the titular character, Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), took on an army of henchmen, and to defeat them, she not only relied on her brute strength but also used her newly learned skills — agility and speed. Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) had trained her well. The episode also saw Do Bong Soon moving a step closer to Min Hyuk, and if the latter had not hesitated, the viewers would have seen the OTP’s first kiss. And the serial kidnapper continued to make everyone’s skin crawl and outsmart the detectives.

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Here is the recap of what happened in Episode 9 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Baek Soo Tak’s (Im Won Hee) henchmen are no match for Do Bong Soon, and instead of them, she ends up teaching them a lesson. She takes on them without flinching, and when needed, she uses quick head moments to dodge the punches coming her way. Soon, all the men in black, except their boss, are on the floor, writhing in pain.

Min Hyuk is the first to arrive at the warehouse, and rather than entering the ring and hitting a couple of bad guys, he stares at Do Bong Soon, who is wearing the pink hooded sweatshirt. He finally realizes that the girl who had stopped the bus, saving his and others’ lives, is no one else but Do Bong Soon.

Soon Guk Doo (Ji Soo), too, rushes inside the warehouse and joins Min Hyun. And for the first time, he sees Do Bong Soon in superwoman mode. Needless to say, his jaws drop seeing her beat men to a pulp. The two men get out of their spectators’ zone when they see Kim Kwang Bok (Kim Won Hae), who was hiding behind the boxes, moving stealthily toward Do Bong Soon with a knife.

Min Hyun is quicker and uses his body to shield Do Bong Soon, and Kwang Bok ends up stabbing him. Guk Doo catches hold of Kwang Bok and brutally beats him. Min Hyun has not sustained a deep stab wound, and when he regains consciousness, he finds a worried Do Boon Soon sitting beside his bed. He tells her that he is glad that it was him who got stabbed and not her. To cover up his feelings, he starts to pretend that he is in immense pain and blames her for the string of bad luck that has befallen him ever since he hired her. Do Bong Soon sheds copious tears hearing that and keeps saying sorry, while the patient is all smiles when she is not looking at his face.

When his secretary arrives, Min Hyuk sends Do Bong Soon out to have some food. He tells his secretary to take care of the office in his absence. Guk Doo, on the other hand, remembers the incidents involving Do Bong Soon during their high school days. He later visits Min Hyuk and wants to know why did he put his life in danger to save Do Bong Soon. Instead of answering, Min Hyuk throws the question back at him, asking “why do you think?”

Do Bong Gi (Ahn Woo Yeon) tells Guk Doo that his twin sister was born with superhuman strength and asks him to let go the incident and not make it a big deal, adding that Min Hyuk does not want Kwang Bok arrested.

Min Hyuk soon has another set of visitors — Do Bong Soon’s parents and her friend. Her mother tells him that she is indebted to him and wonders aloud how she can ever repay him. She does not waste much time to tell her future son-in-law that they will give their daughter to him, adding that he can have Do Bong Soon. Min Hyuk is rendered speechless hearing that.

Do Bong Soon’s mother’s next stop is Baek Soo Tak and his henchmen’s room. As the attacker Kwang Bok is looking like a mummy, with his face and body completely wrapped in bandages, she decides to hit the boss in his place, but before she could do that, Min Hyuk’s father punches his face. After beating him black and blue, he visits his son and finds that he is not in a welcoming mood. They end up having a heated exchange. Do Bong Soon witnesses that and also hears his stepmom bad-mouthing him.

She enters the room after his father and brother have stormed out. An upset Min Hyuk asks her to go home, but Do Bong Soon insists on staying, reminding him that he had promised that he would not be alone when he is sad and feels like crying. She asks him to let her stay.

Min Hyuk soon is in a better mood soon. He and Do Bong Soon’s gaze into each other’s eyes for a moment as the latter is cleaning his hand and face with a cloth. She asks him why did he take the hit for her. He again deflects the question, saying that she was like this at the police station, too, when they had met for the first time. She had stared into his eyes, adding that she should not look at other guys like that. The talk veers toward the day when Do Bong Soon had stopped the bus.

She tells him that she had always kept that day a secret because it was the first time she had used her power for someone else, and it felt strange. She finds out that he was in high school when that incident happened, which means either they are of the same age or he is younger than her. Min Hyuk starts faking pain again to avoid the age question.

Later in the night, Do Bong Soon’s parents visit him with food, as Min Hyuk told their daughter that he would like to eat the food that he had eaten at her place. He, however, is unable to eat even a bite of bibimbap. Do Bong Soon’s brother arrives right on time to remind him that he is supposed to fast for a day. The family finishes off the bibimbap in front of his eyes.

After seeing her parents off, Do Bong Soon returns to be with Min Hyuk. While toweling his hair dry, she finds him staring at her. She closes her eyes probably anticipating a kiss, and Min Hyuk breaks the fans’ much-awaited moment by telling her to go and sleep.

Elsewhere, in the kidnapper’s dungeon, the woman who was trying to communicate with other women in the cells was killed by the creepy man. On his monitor, he saw her encouraging others to scream help, which may have helped them get the attention of someone outside.

Guk Doo finally meets the kidnapper. He is the owner of the junkyard. Before he can spot the shoes, the kidnapper hides them. He also stops him from stepping inside the room that leads to his dungeon. The kidnapper’s next target is Guk Doo’s ex-girlfriend.

In the closing moments of the episode, Guk Doo comes to Min Hyuk’s room to take Do Bong Soon to the police station, informing her that another woman has gone missing. Min Hyuk does not want her to go. Do Bong Soon does not listen to him.

Min Hyuk shouts that he does not want to see her hurt. She is surprised to hear that. He also adds that it is okay if he gets hurt, but she should not get hurt. She still leaves, saying that she will be back.

Once she exits the room, Guk Doo screams that Bong Soon is hers to protect. Min Hyuk is rattled hearing that and calls his proclamation preposterous.

Meanwhile, while walking with him, Do Bong Soon tries to get a reaction from Guk Doo, asking “you saw everything [the fight and her super strength], right?” He makes it feel like it is not a big deal, saying that one should be at least good at one thing. He also tells her that his timing has always been off, and he cannot be thankful to Min Hyun for saving her. She is surprised to hear that.

In the police station, Do Bong Soon listens to the junkyard owner’s voice. She recognizes it as the voice of the kidnapper. She tells Guk Doo and his team that she is sure that the owner is the culprit.

Also in the episode, Baek Soo Tak calls it a truce, telling both Min Hyuk and Do Bong Soon that he is ending the fight, although he continues to be interested in hiring her. And Guk Doo’s girlfriend asks Do Bong Gi out. She asks him to go with her on five dates and then decide whether he wants to have a relationship with her or not.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon airs every Friday and Saturday on JTBC.

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