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Cracker Barrel Scandal: Who Fired Brad’s Wife Revealed

So many people are upset that Cracker Barrel fired Brad’s wife recently and now they want the details. So far, Cracker Barrel isn’t speaking out about what happened actually. The Inquisitr recently shared an update that revealed that Brad hasn’t heard from Cracker Barrel yet, but that the local store can’t answer his questions. Now it is being revealed who actually fired Brad’s wife.

This all started when Brad went to the Cracker Barrel page and started asking why his wife was fired. Brad couldn’t get any answers so the entire internet went crazy trying to get the answers and figure out exactly what was going on, plus making up hilarious jokes about it.

Brad went to his Facebook page and shared the details back in February about his wife being fired from Cracker Barrel. Now, this post has been found and the details are coming out. Everyone has wanted to know what happened with Brad’s wife. Here is what Brad revealed when his wife was fired.

“To say I’m pi**ed off would be an understatement. After 11 years, those low lifes at Cracker Barrel let my wife go. I would really like to know why and those of you who know me these days, know that I WILL find out. In the mean time, if any of you would like to know also, please go to their Facebook page and ask them. I would really appreciate it. Their half assed excuse was that she wasn’t working out. After 11 YEARS? Come on. This old boy is STORMING!!!! You can’t even get people to work 40 hours these days and her AVERAGE week was 50 to 60. Needless to say, we WILL be seeing an attorney soon. If anybody knows a good labor attorney, please let me know. Thank you. I’d better quit now before I go too far. By the way. The low life who fired her was Gwen Alexander.”

It turns out that someone named Gwen Alexander that works at Cracker Barrel corporate is the one who fired Brad’s wife. She is also avoiding telling anyone why Brad’s wife was fired. Brad also went to his Facebook today to share that he wants everyone to know that the local Cracker Barrel is not the one who fired her and they can’t help answer any questions about what went down with her either. Brad explained that everyone needs to contact the home office and not the local Cracker Barrel if they want to try to get answers. He would love to get answers himself, but so far he isn’t having any luck either. Cracker Barrel is still posting on their social networks, but they are just acting like this isn’t going on at all right now. Everyone was at least expecting a statement saying they won’t be commenting at all.

The entire internet has been going crazy over Brad’s wife getting fired. People are reaching out and supporting her along with the hashtag #JusticeForBradsWife. At this time, Cracker Barrel is still not revealing any answers about what went down and the reason she lost her job. It doesn’t look like the internet trolls have any plans to let it go until they get answers. They are still going on and on about it days later.

Why do you think that Brad’s wife was fired? Do you think that everyone needs to just let this go and leave Cracker Barrel alone? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about Cracker Barrel firing Brad’s wife.

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