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WWE News: Bray Wyatt Desires To Form An Alliance With His Brother, Bo Dallas

At WrestleMania, the WWE Championship match will be defended by Bray Wyatt against the 2017 Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton. Throughout his career in the WWE, Bray Wyatt has struggled to consistently be a main event star for the company. Ever since his debut to the main roster from NXT, Wyatt has been a part of feuds with notable names such as the Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Kane, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton. Even with this resume, his career has still been a roller coaster. However, WWE gave Wyatt an opportunity to be the top name of SmackDown Live, as he won his first singles championship since debuting by becoming WWE Champion at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Now, Wyatt has a chance to steal the show at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando on April 2, as Orton will be doing all he can to recapture the WWE Championship. Also, with the Wyatt Family disbanded, the advantage will no longer be lop-sided in favor of the self-proclaimed Eater of Worlds. With previous WrestleMania matches against the Undertaker and John Cena, however, Wyatt knows how it feels to be in a marquee match at the biggest professional wrestling show of the year.

Unfortunately, perhaps the complete opposite of Wyatt’s success is his real-life brother, who plays the character of Bo Dallas. Debuting on the main roster in 2014 after a very successful time in NXT, Dallas made an immediate impression by commencing an undefeated streak, before losing to R-Truth on an episode of Raw. Since then, Dallas has never managed to regain his steam. Although he did have more television exposure as a member of the Social Outcasts, the faction did nothing to advance his career.

With both Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas factionless, Wyatt shared his thoughts with Sports Illustrated about how he would be interested in aligning with his brother.

“Bo Dallas is, quite possibly, the most talented wrestler on either roster. He is the most underrated superstar of all time, in my opinion. He has so much to give. At some point, I would love to form an alliance with him because I know who and what he really is. Whether people want to look at him like that, well, then I’ll show you. It’s very, very possible.”

Ever since being drafted to Raw, Dallas has donned a bit of a new look with his facial hair, appearing more menacing. While he started to destroy enhancement talent for a few weeks, it did not last long, and he started to lose momentum and matches. Early in 2017, he was last spotted on Raw competing against Kofi Kingston, trying to put a damper in the joy of The New Day. He failed to do so, and has been doing Main Event tapings and live events ever since.

A reset button would be a very good idea for Bo Dallas, as his newly aggressive character has shown that he has the potential to side with his brother. Whether it be as a faction, or a tag team, it would be interesting to see how the pair would be received on the main roster. Dallas could form a team with Bray as early as WrestleMania 33, somehow inserting himself in the WWE Championship match to assist Bray in defeating the Viper. This means that Dallas would defect to SmackDown Live, which he would have a better chance of being a more reputable name.

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As of now, though, he is losing to Sin Cara and Curtis Axel on Main Event, with no direction for his career. Unfortunately, with his lack of direction, he becomes susceptible to roster cuts whenever WWE feels that it needs to allocate money for other projects. Hopefully, this will not be the case, and Dallas can experience a renaissance in his career.

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