Wwe news Kane absence reason Knox county Tennessee mayor politics

WWE News: The Real Reason For Kane’s Extended Absence From WWE Television

For two decades, the man known as Kane has towered above countless opponents and destroyed others in the ring with his menacing size and strength. When the “Big Red Machine” is absent for any length of time, it is going to be noticed, and fans have realized that he hasn’t been seen in almost four months. While they’ve been wondering what is going on with Kane, the truth has finally come out as to why he has not been seen in the ring or WWE television since last year.

Since 1992, Glenn Jacobs has stalked the ring with his tremendous size and incredible strength. He moved around from gimmick to gimmick for a while before WWE put him in the role of Kane in 1997 and that is the name he has wrestled under ever since.

Well, fans have not seen much of Kane lately, and actually, he hasn’t been seen at all since November. As reported by Cageside Seats, he even missed his first Royal Rumble in 21 years due to taking time off to heal some nagging injuries.

Even though he has recovered from those injuries, Kane has still been kept off of WWE television and the true reason why is now known.

Wwe news Kane absence reason Knox county Tennessee mayor politics
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According to ESPN, Kane, or Glenn Jacobs in the real world, is taking a step into the political ring. He is actually working on a bid for mayor of Knox County in Tennessee and he’s already taken a number of steps to get himself elected to office.

Jacobs has already filed the necessary paperwork to name a campaign treasurer, which is the very first step needed to raise or spend money for his election. He is looking to succeed term-limited Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett in 2018.

A number of tea party groups have actually been trying to get Jacobs to run for office for years, but he has chosen against campaigning. Back in 2014, they wanted him to step up in the Republican primary and challenge U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, but he simply didn’t think it was the right time yet. In 2018, though, Jacobs feels as if the time has come, as WCYB reported.

“Knox County is a great place and we’re (Jacobs and his wife Crystal) so happy and feel so blessed to live here. I want to do my part going forward.”

The election is on May 1, 2018, but a nominating petition is due from all of the candidates by November of this year. Jacobs and his wife have lived in East Tennessee since 1995, and in Knoxville specifically for several years.

Wwe news Kane absence reason Knox county Tennessee mayor politics
[Image by WWE]

Throughout his long wrestling career, Kane has held titles on 18 different occasions, including the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Title, and ECW Championship. He has also held tag team championships with seven different partners and has been a focal point of storylines throughout the majority of his time in the ring.

It is not known if Kane plans on returning to WWE or when that comeback may happen, but it is hard to think that his wrestling career is completely over. If he ends up winning the election and becoming a mayor in Tennessee, it would be time to call it quits in the ring.

The man known as Kane, or Corporate Kane, or the “Big Red Machine” is a lot more just a hulking figure who chokeslams other WWE superstars out of their boots. He has been a champion multiple times over a career that has spanned more than two decades, but there has always been a big brain behind that mask. Now, Glenn Jacobs is looking at a career past his time in the ring and the hopes of becoming mayor of Knox County in Tennessee is his first step at doing that.

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