A new trailer for 'Attack on Titan' Season 2 has been released.

‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 New Trailer Teases Talking Beast Titan, New OP Theme

Attack on Titan Season 2 is heading straight for its highly anticipated April 1 debut, and fans of the hit anime series are feverish with anticipation. With just a week to go before the debut of the first episode of AoT Season 2, a new trailer for the anime has been released, and it is flat-out insane. With dozens of action scenes and a grand reveal at the end, the second trailer for Attack on Titan Season 2 has effectively set the fanbase of the acclaimed anime on fire.

The new Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer opens with Mike, one of the strongest Survey Corps officers who is second only to the legendary Levi, facing off with arguably the strangest titan of all. What was fascinating was that the hairy, Bigfoot-looking giant picked up a horse and threw it directly at the soldier. From this scene alone, anime fans were assured that this was no ordinary Titan, and it could very well be the biggest threat ever faced by the series’ protagonists.

Immediately after the rather shocking first moments, the new trailer went on to show a montage of scenes that tease several plot points in the upcoming anime. These include the Titans within the walls and Hange’s fateful discussion with Pastor Nick. A number of characters that are yet to be introduced were shown as well, masterfully slaying titans in a manner reminiscent of Levi’s ill-fated squad back in Season 1.

Familiar faces were featured as well, including the Survey Corps leader Erwin Smith and everybody’s favorite Potato Girl, Sasha Banks, who was wielding a bow and arrow against what appears like a 3- or 5-meter Titan. Krista Lenz, one of the prettiest faces on the show, was also featured in several scenes. Considering that she would most likely play a pivotal role in the second half of Attack on Titan Season 2, her moments in the new trailer were but a huge teaser for the layers of intrigue that are set to come.

Of course, scenes with the Colossal Titan were featured as well, together with the small yet nimble Titan that made its first appearance on the upcoming anime’s first Season 2 trailer. Eren, the series’ hotheaded protagonist, was featured once more battling with the Armored Titan, who is one of the most dangerous characters in the entire franchise.

Immediately notable in the new trailer, however, was a new song that played during the final minute of the new Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer. Fans immediately stated that the track is most likely Linked Horizon’s upcoming single, “Dedicate All Your Hearts!” The avant-garde rock band, which is responsible for the first season’s two opening themes, “Crimson Bow and Arrow” and “Wings of Freedom,” is speculated to release two songs for Attack on Titan Season 2 as well, according to a ComicBook report.

If the music in the trailer is any indication, it appears that the upcoming anime’s new song would be as intense as “Wings of Freedom,” considering its style. This particular aspect of the opening theme has so far polarized fans of the franchise, with many expressing their reservations that Linked Horizon’s new single might not be as intense as “Crimson Bow and Arrow,” arguably the most-loved track in the entire franchise.

The actual clincher of the new Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer, however, was found in the final moments of the teaser. Returning to the first scene which featured Mike facing the Beast Titan, the massive creature then began to speak. Considering that Titans in the anime have so far been brutes that are incapable of speech, this particular revelation has resonated among fans of the upcoming anime. Needless to say, the Beast Titan would be playing a massive role in Attack on Titan Season 2, and avid fans of the series, especially those who have stayed away from the manga, are in for a massive treat.

Attack on Titan Season 2 is set for an April 1 debut. Fans in the United States can stream the new episodes through Funimation, which has secured rights to the anime.

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