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Lisa Rinna Slammed Over Diet Pills In New Rumor: ‘RHOBH’ Stars Fed Up?

Lisa Rinna knows the drama will help the ratings and it sounds like she wants the ratings to be super high for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rinna spread the rumor that Yolanda Hadid may have Munchausen’s rather than Lyme disease, and she recently asked Dorit Kemsley if she had done cocaine with her husband during her dinner party earlier this season. Lisa says that she does have a big mouth, but she may stand behind everything she says.

However, Rinna also has a weakness; she doesn’t remember what she says all the time. This season, Lisa Rinna has told Eden Sassoon that Kim Richards is close to death because of her drinking. When Lisa made the accusation, Kim had been sober for a long time and was preparing to become a grandmother for the first time. But Rinna doesn’t remember saying it and it had come back to bite her on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

According to a new Radar Online report, Lisa Rinna is now being mentioned in a report that is less than flattering for her. The report focuses on a rumor that is about her skinny figure and it fits perfectly with one scene that has captured viewers this season. A few episodes ago, Rinna pulled out a bag of pills at Eden’s home, where she revealed she did carry around her vitamins, headache pills, and even Xanax.

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Now, sources are saying that Lisa is taking diet pills to keep her very thin figure. Radar Online writes that she could be popping pills to stay skinny, even if it means possibly putting herself in danger. The website claims that her friends are worried about her health, but it’s not something that has been brought up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It is possible that she is deflecting her own troubles onto others, as she has made some outrageous claims about her co-stars.

Of course, Lisa Rinna has often said that she’s very skinny and she’s proud of her body and her look. She does work out, but she also looks very thin. Rinna isn’t one to overeat, and she hasn’t admitted to having an eating disorder. And sources have supposedly questioned why her husband, Harry Hamlin, isn’t doing anything about it. Maybe he thinks there’s nothing wrong with her, as she has been skinny their entire marriage.

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The timing of this story is impeccable. It was just a few days ago that Lisa Rinna made the accusation that Dorit Kemsley and her husband do cocaine in the bathroom at their own home while hosting guests. Maybe someone is trying to get back at Lisa for saying such things.

It wouldn’t be the first time that someone from Beverly Hills has sold a story. A few years ago, Lisa Vanderpump was accused by fellow housewife Adrianne Maloof of selling a story to Radar Online. The two had been fighting over who had the best shoes, as they were both designing shoes. Lisa was accused of calling Adrienne’s shoe, the Maloof hoof, which didn’t sit well with Adrienne. Even though it was a joke, Maloof claimed that Vanderpump was selling stories to hurt her co-stars. And maybe someone from the cast is just following suit, as Lisa Rinna appears to be the target of someone, who is carrying a grudge.

What do you think of the story about Lisa Rinna’s eating disorder? Do you think someone from the show sold a story to get back at Rinna for making accusations on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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